Take Two has 93 new projects in the pipeline, will there be GTA 6 too?

In the past few hours the president of Take Two, Karl Slatoff, stated at a recent financial meeting that the company plans to release 93 new titles, from existing and new IP franchises, within the fiscal year that will end next year in March 2025. We report in detail the words of the president and the future plans of the US giant:

Of the 93 projects, 63 are core gaming experiences, including 15 existing game extensions, 17 will be mid-level or arcade experiences, while 13 titles will be predominantly casual. In addition, 47 of these 93 titles come from existing franchises and 46 from new intellectual properties.

In terms of platforms, 72 of the 93 games are planned for console, PC and / or streaming services, of which seven will also be available on mobile devices. Another 21 projects are planned specifically for smartphones and tablets.

As for the business models, 67 titles will have to be purchased, while 26 will be completely free.

It should be noted that these figures reflect a snapshot of our current pipeline, it is likely that some of these titles will not be developed until completion, and we will no doubt try to add new titles to our list.

But that's not all, as Take Two CEO was asked during a Q&A session, Strauss Zelnick, if among the various projects mentioned there was also the new chapter of the iconic Grand Theft Auto saga, but obviously he refused to answer. However, Slatoff has heartened in part fans of the franchise by stating that the release schedule will include games from all of the company's publishing labels, including Rockstar Games, and that support will be provided to GTA Online e Red Dead Online with new content throughout the year.

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