System Shock 3: The OtherSide project would still be in development

According to some recent rumors, System Shock 3 it would still be in the works, despite the various financial problems that have plagued the development team in the last period. A representative of OtherSide Entertainment confirmed on the official forums that the software house is still working on the game. We report below when stated by Walter Somol, VP of the company's marketing and business development division:

We are all working remotely right now, probably like most of you. Our new project is going well and we are really excited about it. We are great and we think the art style is distinctive, now we have to mix it with the gameplay with Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately I can't really say anything else at this point.

The new project, in progress at the studio of  OtherSide Entertainment, would have ended up in the "oblivion" following the recent "exodus" of some "key" developers who were working on the project, including: the director of the title, the director of design, the main programmer and the QA. The last appearance of System Shock 3 dates back to the distant past March 2019, during the last GDC.

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