Symbaroum: Starter Set - The preview of the Free League RPG

All roleplayers have tried one - or more - genre titles in their lives fantasy, where the companies of heroes made up of fearless warriors, wise wizards and friendly storytellers have facilitated the drafting of unique journeys. It is no coincidence that we owe so much to an immense work - in every sense - entitled The Lord of the Rings di J.R.R. Tolkien; we all know what we are talking about. Over time the fantasy has shown a sequel of shades which in a short time enthralled new readers and users. The classic fantasy was born Sword & Sorcery, Dark Fantasy, the Heroic Fantasy and l 'Urban Fantasy just to name a few, and for some years now a dark branch of this genre has been depopulating: the Grimdark. The themes dealt with appear under a black tint and violence invests (almost) every moment of the scene. From literature ai Games, until to cinematographic works, the Grimdark has been able to (re) bring many lovers of the genre together. Obviously all this has also affected the world of role-playing games.

Let's start by making a name: Symbaroum. This dark fantasy RPG is the son of Free League, a Swedish publishing company that has produced titles such as Coriolis, Tales from the Loop e Mutant among many. It came thanks to the publishing house Space Orange 42, another local guarantee. Now let's try to see what we have in our hands, focusing on the version "Starter set“, Which contains all the elements necessary to immediately launch into the exploration of the dark Davokar; finding wealth and fame won't be easy. Before delving into the peculiar aspects of this game, it is necessary to spend a few words on the product. The starter set contains a compendium of rules, A 'adventure to live without hesitation, three illustrated maps, five cards of pre-generated characters it's a dice set. The manuals shine for aperfect layout, which anticipates what will be played. From the choice of font to illustrations - of a high standard, we missed seeing such beautiful boards -, this product boasts a realization to applause. These Swedes, huh!

Ready for adventure?

Symbaroum is an RPG with a Grimdark Fantasy flavor. Participants will be immersed in a wild, dark world, where dangers never sleep. To be able to survive in the dark Davokar it will certainly not be an easy feat, especially when we consider what other adventurers like you are looking for money and fame, a bit of a classic for this kind of setting. You will love this game even more if you already appreciate works like Principessa Mononoke, The Witcher o The Throne of Swords; in fact, there are common elements in Symbaroum, managed to make the most of an atmosphere that leaves little room for hope.

Unlike so many other modern fantasy games, this one it does not present a complex system and even the presence of the tables is reduced to the essential. The result? The game sessions - and in particular the role - is streamlined a lot and leaves more space for imagination and free interpretation. The regulation is easy to learn, as well as the mechanics inserted, such as the Corruption. All usable classes have access to magic (which is no small feat), but by paying a considerable price. Each time a character uses a spell, he accumulates Corruption points, getting closer and closer to the form of Abomination. Magic then becomes one strong resourceBut with important consequences for the character.

As in any RPG, even in Symbaroum the "heroes" will have to face different tests and all their skills will be required to succeed. The character sheet consists of eight attributes on which the required dice rolls will be based. The game embraces the system d20 roll under: to be successful it is necessary to obtain a number less than or equal to the sum of one of the attributes plus any modifiers. On the contrary, if the sum should be greater than the target number, the test is considered failed.

"Heroes" in disarray

Having reached this point we have understood that we will not play impersonating saints; the paladins who bring the light will find little space in the black Davokar… but you can still try it. There character creation it is a crucial phase of the experience, however detailed in the complete game manual. In the Starter Set version you can play five different characters thanks to pre-generated cards. You can play the role of:

  • Cavaliere: the sense of duty runs through your veins and you would do anything to protect your lord. You can count on strong combat skills and forged armor to withstand any blow. Who knows, maybe your fearless actions will also reach the Queen's eyes.
  • Witch hunter: you have dedicated your life to fighting the dark creatures that haunt this world. The reason? An experience that has profoundly changed you and that has given rise to a feeling of profound disgust towards these beings. You use magic, but you know what it entails. Nobody can escape Corruption.
  • Treasure hunter: nothing attracts you more than the ancient ruins hidden in the shadow of Davokar. You know very well that in those desolate rooms there are treasures of inestimable value and you are ready to do anything to bring them back to light and obtain the riches you crave so much. Nobody questions your abilities, but maybe you don't know that darkness as thoroughly as you thought.
  • Teurgo: you have entrusted your life to Prios, the One, the Sun, and this faith makes a mystical, strong, unstoppable power flow within you. But you are not the only one. There are other people who can use these powers after they have denied their god.
  • Ritualist magician: you have studied the arcane secrets of magic and for you mystical powers are nothing more than an extension of the laws that found the world. You know what the weight of knowledge entails, but it hasn't taken you away from your ambitions. Will you succumb to Corruption or will you be able to resist it?

We draw conclusions

The Symbaroum starter set is certainly a product that RPG fans shouldn't miss. The graphics are more fascinating than many of the mainstream titles, there is little doubt about this. The premises are very interesting and it is possible that after purchasing this edition you will feel the desire to make the complete manual yours too. Indeed, we can safely say that you will certainly move on to the complete manual. Guaranteed.

This role-playing game is highly recommended for anyone looking for a dark experience and by the game system that does not include too many calculations or frequent tables. Let's talk about aexcellent alternative to classic fantasy settings where everything is bright, fairy, heroic. We have now understood that music is different in Symbaroum. We would therefore like to recommend it to those wishing to explore the world of RPGs from the point of view of genre and game system. You might like it, but it's not the title that makes you cry for a miracle.

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