Sword Legacy: Omen - A really tough turn-based RPG review!

Developed by Firecast Studio e Fableware Narrative Design, Sword Legacy: Omen it takes us back to Britain, at the time of King Arthur (more or less!). Starting the game, we found ourselves in our hands a classic turn-based RPG where, in perfect Dungeons & Dragons style, each character will rely on a precise amount of action points, to be spent to move or attack the enemy (or to perform other details actions).


In the role of Uther, personal guard of King Leof, of the thief Gwen and the squire Dwanne, we are informed by Merlin in the person of the death of the King and the kidnapping of the Princess Igraine. Outside, outside the friendly walls, the Wessex army, led by the fearsome Gorlois, it burns everything that happens before it. There is no other solution than to ask the other peoples of Britain for help.

Sword Legacy: Omen, contrary to what it may seem by observing the rather colorful graphic style, stages a real “turn-based tragedy”. In an already complex situation, you will soon discover that neighboring populations, whom you hoped to be able to ask for help, are being decimated by a terrible epidemic.

Immersed in… "bad things", up to the neck, we were pleased to discover that the gameplay of the Firecast Studio title is cared for in every detail. A refined AI (Artificial intelligence) guarantees extremely tactical combat, where even a momentary numerical superiority, however sensational it may be, is capable of turning into a burning defeat.


The combat system is incredibly deep and complex, to the point that we've always felt the need to rely on every single unlocked (and upgraded) skill. Between one clash and another there will be the opportunity to rest in charming inns, where you can spend a peaceful night. On the contrary, sleeping in camps located outside you could fall victim to night ambushes (and it will happen, of course!).

Each character represents a different class, characterized, as tradition has it, by a series of characteristics and abilities, both active and passive, ranging from strength to the ability to take hits, passing through the level of health and so on. Every single hero can rely on a specific amount of action points e discipline points, which is determined not only by the class that characterizes the selected character, but also by the equipment that is displayed at that moment in battle. The action points, as it is easy to guess, are used to be able to move on the "chessboard" and to launch attacks, while the discipline points can be used to enhance each different attack (but woe to abuse them!). We also found the possibility of using some elements of the scenario in our favor particularly interesting: enemies can be thrown down a ravine (in the style of "This is Sparta !!!") or burned mercilessly by hitting the explosive barrels placed. in several places.

Sword Legacy: Omen, he can also be decidedly… bad! The chances of healing during combat are reduced to the bone and it is impossible to resurrect a battlemate until the end of the entire mission. All this were not enough, for lovers of demanding challenges the developers have decided to do not make manual saving available; you can rely solely on certain checkpoint scattered between the levels.

If you are a lover of adventure and, in particular, exploration, you would do well to carefully consider the purchase of this small masterpiece, which makes the tactical depth of the fighting its strong point, while it is incredibly flat and monotonous when it comes to discovering the world around our heroes. The only really negative aspect, however, remains there lack of localization in Spanish, which weighs a lot considering the incredible amount of dialogue and cutscenes offered. If you were unfamiliar with the English language, you would risk not understanding absolutely anything, for interminable sequences, before being able, at least, to let off steam on the enemies (respecting the turns, strictly).

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