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Wanting to describe Rimworld in a few lines we could define it as a sort of Dwarf Fortress with nice graphics, a roguelike management software that allows us to manage a group of settlers on an unknown planet, with all the planning, problems and contingencies that follow. It is one of those games incredibly rich in variables and possibilities where much of the fun comes from being passionate about the stories of their characters and that give their all if those who play it, in addition to trying to understand the main mechanics without too many tutorials, put a pinch of personal imagination. So, let's see together how we managed in our personal odyssey.

Exploration, knowledge, colonization, chaos and horrific deaths - welcome to Rimworld!

The laws of chaos

Rimworld allows us to shape every aspect of our story or simply let ourselves be carried away by randomly generated data. Generally we will always start with three settlers, but everything else is a mystery.

We could be a family of very rich steel magnates who decide to show the middle finger to the Earth to start from scratch elsewhere, a group of convicts on a prison ship that had the misfortune to crash on an arctic planet, a group of very rich VIPs whose ship broke down in the desert and so on. Even the stories and characters of our characters will vary between rock singers with a green thumb, mechanical engineers with the habit of nudism, interior decorators with a strong sense for firearms and so on. Each character will therefore be composed of skills, incapacities, fears, phobias, passions that will modify their behavior and reaction to any traumatic events. At this point, there is nothing left to do but choose the landing point and, above all, the narrator. Under this name lies the artificial intelligence that will decide the pace of the game and we will be able to choose between three personalities. One that constantly increases the level of the challenge, with increasingly tough unexpected events, one that leaves ample space to recover between dangerous situations and one that is totally random. Having made this choice, all that remains is to set the difficulty level and we are ready to start.

From survival to prosperity

In Rimworld, the survivors will move almost entirely independently, carrying out the tasks they can do and trying to take actions that are useful. However, in some cases we may decide to take direct control of them, making them ignore any instincts, for example when a settler insists on building a table while the house is on fire or is about to be attacked by a snake.

For the rest we will decide what to make them build, of which material and where, the areas in charge of accumulating materials, those where to cultivate and so on. We will also be able to decide which will be the most important activities to devote to, such as the search for new materials and new objects to build, the domestication of animals, which can be used as a source of food or defense or the discovery of new settlements with which to trade. or fight. Everything takes place through an interface that is all in all quite clear, but full of icons, variables and buttons that at first may seem a bit confusing, but which all in all is able to make us understand how to build a house and what the colony needs to go. come on. The rest of the game is up to you and the thousand things that can go wrong, often your fault for not realizing your settler's incredible need to wear luxurious clothes and now he's locked up in the house drinking from depression. , or what he hates to eat with others and now tries to kill them.

The sad story of the first colony

To give an example, in our first test we had built a first outpost made safe by the use of weapons of two settlers and some traps, immediately after we started to use the nearby mountain as a warehouse, with the aim of creating a sort of civilization in the mountain. Unfortunately we were attacked by a group of space pirates who killed a settler, but we managed to drive them away, capturing one who was badly injured. Since we couldn't cure it and hadn't yet developed a cryogenic storage system, we did the only sensible thing: use it as a temporary organ bank.

Luckily, the colony had a surgeon, so we transplanted an arm from the dead pirate to one of the wounded. Don't look at us like that, desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately the surgeon was also the one good at setting traps, too bad one burst in his face, killing him, right in front of the cave entrance. As it happens, one of the survivors had a blood phobia, which drove him insane, led to him killing the other survivor and finally wandering naked through the woods, until a sudden 60 degree heat wave brought him down. killed. If this story has fascinated you, know that it is only a very small slice, an infinitesimal remnant of what could happen in Rimworld, a title that hides a universe of absurd and funny variables, in which every choice involves causes and effects that may be evident only after a long time. The classic game for those who love to build parallel worlds, personal anthills where failure can be as fun as triumph, as long as you're not that pirate turned organ bank. Well done, full of variables and virtually infinite, Rimworld is probably one of the best management roguelikes currently in circulation. Between desert colonies where people lock themselves in fridges for stress, colonies of kittens, underground cities and tropical outposts ruled by pirates, it's hard to get bored. For a certain type of gamer, those still playing Dwarf Fortress might be the game of the century, but even if the genre isn't yours we recommend you check it out, even if the price might make you desist.


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  • Potentially infinite
  • Funny, even in failure
  • Difficulty level calibrated based on our experience
  • It is hard at first to understand what to do right away
  • Price a little high
  • It requires patience and dedication that are not for everyone
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