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    "Supreme Weapon" Objective / Trophy Guide

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    Dark Souls 2 - How to upgrade your weapons to the max


    Here's how to really hurt your enemies.

    "Supreme Weapon" Objective / Trophy Guide

    To unlock this trophy (but also to have more powerful weapons in your inventory) we will have to bring a weapon to level +10. To unlock the achievement I recommend upgrading the "fire longsword" found right at the beginning of the game, but remember that you can do this with any weapon that requires titanite for upgrades.

    Here's what exactly it takes to fully upgrade a weapon:

    Level +1 = 1 Titanite fragment
    Level +2 = 2 Titanite shards
    Level +3 = 3 Titanite shards
    Level +4 = 1 Large Titanite Shard
    Level +5 = 2 Large Titanite shards
    Level +6 = 3 Large Titanite shards
    Level +7 = 1 piece of Titanite
    Level +8 = 2 pieces of Titanite
    Level +9 = 3 pieces of Titanite
    Level +10 = Titanite slab

    Where to find the Titanite

    You will have no trouble finding them scattered around the game world Large fragments and fragments of Titanite.

    About the pieces of Titanite instead, the easiest and fastest way to find them is to join the Noisy Pact in the Bell Tower of the Moon (follow the guide to the Noisy Pact for more help). You will have one every time you defend the tower from an invader by killing it.

    Finally, to find the Titanite slab, you can take the one behind a secret wall in the Forest of Giants, or follow one of the many videos on "Titanite Slab" farming on youtube (link).

    As you collect the required Titanite you can use it at Majula's blacksmith to upgrade your weapon.

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