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Il football in the world of video games it has not always been a serious matter. In fact, there was a time when the market was not only dominated by FIFA and PES, but there were other titles that put aside realism to represent this sport with a good dose of imagination. As we write Super Soccer Blast review our mind cannot help but go back to those times, given the intention of the development team Unfinished Pixel to make a football game arcade to which fun and immediacy are the foundations. Certainly the space for a modern Sensible Soccer continues to exist, given the not exactly exciting result obtained from other attempts, including the illustrious one of Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival. Thanks to the positive experience gained with Super Tennis Blast and Super Volley Blast, Unfinished Pixel therefore launches into the "dangerous" world of football with Super Soccer Blast. Let's go and see if this game really has what it takes to make us go back in time.

The modalities: nothing online

The first aspect that stands out when navigating the Super Soccer Blast menus is the absence of one online mode, which therefore reduces the chances of multiplayer to just local experience. Although the sofa is a timeless classic of the football genre, the idea of ​​not being able to play via the Internet is highly limiting for Super Soccer Blast, which even in single mode puts on the plate few competitions in which to take part with the teams available. The latter are divided into nine clubs and sixteen national teams, obviously without being able to count on the presence of official licenses. In any case, the clubs can be traced back by name and colors to the real ones, with the presence as regards the Spanish ones of Inter and Juventus. Inside there are players with completely invented names, but at least familiar in appearance. Aside from the quick match and some competitions that mix things up a bit in their tournament or cup type formula, the options in terms of modes stop there.

The gameplay: timed fun

When it comes to taking the field, Super Soccer Blast looks as we expect it to be. Immediate and with a few commands, with the ability to choose a style similar to FIFA or PES when it comes to shooting and high passing. The keys to learn are few, those that are enough to pass the ball (there is also a through ball) or shoot when in possession, or go tackling or sliding when defending. While trying to figure out what the CPU weaknesses are, the game also appears quite challenging, but in reality the time it takes to realize how to hurt opposing teams takes a few games. Once you understand how to manage long-range shots and overhead shots, or how to take advantage of the fact that there are no cards, Super Soccer Blast becomes easily accessible even at the maximum level of difficulty.

The absence of yellow cards and expulsions is definitely felt, as well as the lack of even minimal team management, which allows for example at least the choice of the module with which to take the field. But the thing that is missing most in the game made by Unfinished Pixel is in our opinion a component that makes it unique in its way of interpreting football, such as the effect shot of Sensible Soccer but also simply some particular animation such as those that are instead present in Super Volley Blast for shots. The fun, in short, is limited to the initial few hours spent in the company of Super Soccer Blast, after which the feeling of having seen and experienced everything that the game has to offer comes. Considered the price of 7,99 euros it can also be, but to be able to really make its mark, the effort should have been undoubtedly greater.

Graphics and sound

La graphics of Super Soccer Blast is quite clean, with a style halfway between the real and the cartoonish in which the features of the players see the head a bit oversized. In these terms they recall the deformed style, without however exceeding in this sense. For those who feel the desire to create new teams and competitions, it is possible to use theeditor inside the game, nice enough and simple to use to the point of entice the player to try some tests. Returning to the graphics in the game, the shot is the classic fixed one from midfield, from which we therefore see the two halves of the field in perspective. Only occasionally do players give the impression of being a little "unglued" from the pitch, one of the recurring flaws of other football games similar to Super Soccer Blast. We report the presence of a small bugs,, fortunately quite rare, which allows players to teleport from one point of the field to another. Another bug we encountered is related to the end of the game during a tournament: as soon as you return to the menu, it happens to end up in the area dedicated to the competition, while other times you return to the main screen having to re-enter the tournament to continue. On the sound little to report, while in the technical field another absence that is definitely felt is that of the replays after the goals.


Tested version PC Windows Digital Delivery Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop Price 7,99 €


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We conclude the review of Super Soccer Blast regretting for this game the absence of a particular flicker, a distinctive trait that allows it to entertain the player even after the first hours spent in his company. While it is true that for such a price you can turn a blind eye to some gaps, on the other hand the lack of garra charrúa inevitably ends up being felt.


  • Very nice editor
  • Long shots are satisfying
  • Immediate checks
  • Too many shortcomings, even for this price
  • A few bugs scattered
  • Loses interest after a few hours
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