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Super Seducer is one of the most loved games by Alessio Pianesani ... and this should already make you understand something (sure that the complaint is triggered here). Like all bad things, but not too serious, it had a great success, so much so as to convince the author, the unlikely Richard La Ruina, to produce not one, but two sequels. Yes, in addition to Super Seducer 2, the subject of this review, has also been announced Super Seducer 3, which will be launched in March 2019. But let's not rush too much, also because talking about two Super Seducers in the same article could be lethal.

Game mechanics

Super Seducer 2 is exactly what Super Seducer was, but with more money. By selecting one of the chapters available (three immediately, seven more will be released post launch) begins the usual roundup of videos showing the attempts to tow the good The ruin. From time to time the player is asked to choose how the protagonist should behave. In case the right choices are more than 90% of the total, you receive the title of Super Seducer of the chapter, that is, you get the best ending. Obviously the choices are right or wrong according to the logic of La Ruina, who between one sequence and the other will give us valuable boarding advice, or will scold us in case of rickety decisions. The novelty of Super Seducer 2 is that there will also be one to give us suggestions girl which, in the intentions of the authors, should express the female point of view on the art of seduction.

Each story has many branches and can lead to five different endings: in this way replayability is ensured. Fortunately, the videos can be skipped, so you don't have to look at the ones you've already seen every time. Obviously it is impossible to lose: at most you can get to one negative ending or you can run into the ire of La Ruina and partner, who, however, will always give us the opportunity to make a second attempt.


But let's take an example. In chapter "Pussy of a good family vs supermodel" (that's how it is called) La Ruina arrives in an outdoor club aboard a tank and must be able to pick up a sophisticated blonde lady who got off a luxury yacht, resembling Giorgia Meloni (not we joke, she really looks like her), or she has to try it with an attractive Russian model. In the meantime he must be able not to put his hand in his pants to get a finger out of the zip like a penis, he must avoid being caught in chestnut telling too big lies, he must help an old woman who has decided to faint in front of her table and he must avoid the ire of an ex who could ruin his seduction attempt by telling not too edifying stories about his reproductive system.

In Super Seducer 2, as in the first chapter, there is no shortage choices controversial and vulgar, which never have positive implications (at least in the chapters available at launch). For example, in "Boss & Secretary" you can ask the unfortunate person on duty to collect some sheets to be able to look at her backside comfortably, or you can masturbate during a telephone conversation, while in "Mixed frequentation", in which the protagonist is a Chinese man friend of La Ruina, you can try to impress by describing sexual acts explicitly or talking about Fortnite. Honestly, in Super Seducer 2 it's better to screw up the conversations than to get the answers right, because in their heavy nature, the skits of failure are absolutely the best and occasionally manage to snatch a few smiles. For the rest, from a strictly construction point of view we are facing one of the most popular heirs of games full of filmati in full motion video of the nineties, between bad actors (first of all La Ruina) poor locations and a flat and banal general direction.

The ingredients to make it a cult series are all there. Having said that, it will seem paradoxical but we don't feel like completely condemning Super Seducer 2: like the first episode, this one also does exactly what it promises, without ever trying to overcome the limits it has imposed on itself. After all it is just a series of weird advice that leave the time they find, given by an unlikely character in exchange for money ... What did we write about not condemning him?


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If your sex life sucks, Super Seducer 2 is the game for you. After having stripped it, it will still suck, but at least you will have seasoned it with a veil of sadness, a prelude to despair. Honestly, such a title can only be interesting if you are looking for something more unlikely than yourself to make some streaming (every reference is purely coincidental). After all, it is undeniable that it does exactly what it promises, that is, it takes up space on the hard disk. Sure, its weird nature naturally makes it a cult title, but honestly it's hard to find a reason to recommend it, other than to spite you. Maybe wait for Greco and Pianesani to play before deciding. Make them suffer.


  • Some bankruptcy movies can make you smile
  • He does not tow himself using the advice of La Ruina
  • It is so badly acted that it almost seems like an Italian fiction
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