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    Super Nintendo World opens its doors, Miyamoto: "Come and visit us!"

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    Il Super Nintendo World of Universal Studios Japan was finally inaugurated, during a ceremony held in the past few hours with Super Mario's dad Shigeru Miyamoto. The inauguration of the park took place this morning (March 18) in Osaka, where Miyamoto was joined by USJ CEO Jean-Louis Bonnier to appear in front of the cameras and bring the first "official" guests of the attraction inside the structure. These are the words that the leader of the Kyoto company addressed to the participants in the ceremony:

    The day we have been waiting for with so much trepidation has finally arrived! It's been six years since we started development and it all went so fast. The first real world of Super Mario is open to the public. We are happy to be able to open it in time for the 35th anniversary. There are activities here for people of all ages to experience, using all of their senses. Once the pandemic subsides, I hope everyone in the world will come to visit us. We are waiting!

    The opening of Super Nintendo World had been delayed more than once by the coronavirus pandemic. The park was originally supposed to be open in time for the Olympic Games 2020 last summer, but its inauguration was eventually postponed to February 2021, and then again postponed due to the state of emergency in Osaka. The park has shops, a restaurant, and two rides; Yoshi's Adventure and an attraction Mario Kart powered by AR, which estimated waiting times of up to three hours. Super Nintendo World will follow strict guidelines on health and safety, according to Universal Studios Japan, including a limit on the number of people admitted to the park (up to 10.000) and numbered tickets with specific entry times. After opening in Japan, Super Nintendo World will arrive at Universal Parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore. Super Nintendo World in Florida will reportedly not open its doors to visitors until 2025, while we know construction is progressing for the one in Hollywood, which is said to be the smallest of the parks and therefore will likely open sooner.

    It's official !!

    Super Nintendo World is open to the public @USJ_Official !!

    Miyamoto strikes a pose with his creations of Mario and Luigi. #SUPERNINTENDOWORLD #USJ フ ァ ン

    - SkywalkingAdventure (@SkyAdventBlog) March 17, 2021

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