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When a new console is proposed on the market, the questions that players should ask themselves are basically two: will there be enough varied games? Will there be adequate support from first party titles? From this point of view, Nintendo Switch owners have very little to complain about: the first year of the hybrid console's life was excellent, the second will get into gear by Christmas by offering a series of unmissable titles. Among these there is also the new Super Mario Party, which we talk to you about today with this one review: is it true or not true that on Nintendo Switch Has the big absentee up to now been a party game with all the trimmings? Gap filled, because Super Mario Party is one of the chapters of the series full of novelties, and for the first time perhaps it will guarantee enough fun even in single player: keep reading and you will understand why.

Gameplay classico: Party Time!

The start of Super Mario Party is quite slow, and is perhaps the only unsuccessful aspect of the production. An unlikely intermission skit sees Mario and company grappling with a not just dilemma: deciding who among them is the real Super Star. It is decided to settle the matter with the sound of minigames (come on?), however, Bowser and his henchmen, as well as Wario and Waluigi, also arrive at the most beautiful: why shouldn't they join the party too? So let's all play in company and may the best win: from here the player is literally swallowed up in the Super Mario Party gameplay from the so-called Party Square, the main hub of the title from which it is possible to access every single proposal designed by Nintendo. Just as if it were a real village party, Piazza Party is decorated with festoons and various banquets, each of which allows access to the various game modes of Super Mario Party. The setting up of the individual positions in the square and the long opening speeches for each game mode we didn't think they were the most suitable for a title that should focus everything on immediacy and lightheartedness: the Super Mario Party player wants to get out on the track and laugh in the company of friends while humiliating himself with minigames out of your mind, do not read two thousand explanations on the screen from Toad for the rules that are all in all intuitive.

In any case, and we reiterate it, after these first minutes of knowledge Super Mario Party meshes great, proving to be fresh, fun and above all varied. As you might expect, it is back firmer than ever Goose Game mode, or the actual Mario Party: a team of four players moves on a board by rolling dice, obtaining bonuses and penalties depending on the boxes. The goal is to accumulate enough Super Stars by the end of the game rounds: the one who has more stars than the others at the end of the game wins. The unexpected is always around the corner: now a Bob-omb jumps out to penalize us in the roll of the dice, now an environmental event is activated linked to the board that changes the path. At the end of each round, players are offered a random mini-game to play individually or in teams: there are more than eighty of them, so it is really impossible to fall into repetitiveness, unless you play Super Mario Party at all hours of the day and night. . The purpose of the mini-games is to allow players to accumulate coins, which after the Super Stars are the second most important thing in Mario Party: without coins, in fact, you cannot buy Super Stars, nor useful tools to use when rolling the dice, such as point multipliers.

Among the novelties related to Super Mario Party we must at least mention the presence of variants within the Dadi: it is possible to use a classic six-sided die, but also very special alternative dice, which will be unlocked during the game or which are linked to the single character used (and there are at least fifteen characters). For example, Bowser has a die that does not know half measures: the results are almost always either 2 or 8; Luigi, on the other hand, as a support character, will rarely give us something higher than 1. But the genius really emerges from everywhere, from small details and events that make the game always unpredictable and fun; moreover, the game maps also reward a pinch of strategy, because the winner is not the one who arrives first, but the one who knows how to stop exactly on the right squares.

Innovative gameplay: Wild waters and online play

Super Mario Party is not just a board dedicated to the game of goose in Nintendo sauce: we could even define the main game mode as the least original of all, although obviously winning and very inspired. This is because the other contents proposed even manage to go further, offering a gaming experience unthinkable on other consoles: Wild Waters, for example, requires a group of four players to control an inflatable boat by mimicking the movements of the oars with the Joy-Con. Gradually along the river rapids you have to choose between crossroads, different types of obstacles and (obviously) still minigames, but the group will be able to reach the end of the path only by winning all the proposed challenges. Organization is essential, otherwise the time will drop to zero before we have even reached the middle of the course.

Stage of the Rhythm is the third game mode proposed, another ideal starting point for carefree fun within the family: just hold a single Joy-Con, get up from the sofa and follow Waluigi's movements in his improbable sketches. The difficulty level increases little by little, and it takes more and more reflexes and precision to keep up with the evil purple plumber, but laughter is always guaranteed. If everything we have told you about so far does not interest you, because for some reason you have always hated the game of goose, boat rides and ballet on the stage, you will still be happy to know that all the Super Mario Party minigames will be accessible. freely within the Minigamecathlon. Here it will be possible to challenge the CPU or a maximum of three friends to the best of five: who will accumulate the most points by facing each single minigame?

The Super Mario Party proposals are 80, and many of them will be unlocked by playing and replaying the game modes present: of course some minigames are more inspired than others, but almost all of them are able to exploit the Joy-Con features in an excellent way. both from the point of view of motion control and vibration. One challenge required us to pan-fry a piece of meat, shaking the controller just like the handle of the pan itself; another demanded that we recognize a precise vibration among the many proposals shortly before. But there are paths to complete while keeping your balance, challenges to the pole, coins to collect, enemies to avoid, rackets with which to throw bombs at opponents, and so on and so forth. If unfortunately you don't have any friends to play Super Mario Party with, know that the online mode is finally available, a further enrichment for the longevity of the game that fans have been asking for. Not all minigames support it, and obviously we haven't found any online opponents for the moment, but we're sure there will be a lot of uproar there too soon.


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With Super Mario Party perhaps Nintendo Switch now really has a title for all types of players: after the review we could easily define it as the definitive party game, suitable for everyone, fun for adults, children, seniors, perhaps even for aliens. The game offer is the most varied and full-bodied that you can think of: three main game modes, all different, for a total of 80 minigames. To this we must add the possibility to always carry all the contents with you, the online game mode and even the game box: by physically connecting the nearby consoles, for example, you can challenge a friend to the most unlikely tank battle ever. . If you don't have friends you can always get to know a very smart CPU, and articulated for different levels of difficulty. In short, Super Mario Party is back and it's better than ever.


  • Many new game modes
  • Online gives everything an edge
  • Joy-Con potential exploited properly
  • The beginning is very subdued
  • Phrases and exclamations of the characters soon irritating
  • The toy box could have been richer
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