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As is evident from the numbering in the title, Super cat tales 2 is the sequel to the platform of the same name released in 2016 and which we had praised on these pages for the effective gameplay and the convincing technical realization in pixel art. Promoting the saying "team that wins you don't change", this second chapter, object of our review, makes no mention of overturning the formula of the predecessor, on the contrary aiming to please the fans with a new batch of levels to be faced in the role of the protagonists felines. The negligible narrative expedient in this case is the invasion of the world by some tin soldiers that obviously only our kittens are able to fight: as often happens in the mobile environment, it is a mere pretext to give as soon as possible the way to action, which once again refers to platform dell'epoca a 16-bit but with a strong focus on a control system tailored to the touch devices.

Gameplay and controls

Continuing on the road set by the prequel, Super Cat Tales 2 refuses to fill the screen with virtual keys, focusing everything on the most extreme simplicity: here is therefore that the inputs that the user must physically impart on the display are only those of pressing on the right side or left of the device to move the kitten in the relative direction and double tap to make it run. The rest is all delegated to Neutronized's excellent game design work: the jumps are performed automatically by snapping towards the edge of a platform, while going against the vertical surfaces you get the result of destroying the provisional ones and climbing the unbreakable ones. In this very simple system, the variety is safeguarded by the different abilities of the eight main felines that are gradually unlocked during the adventure: there is the one capable of eliminating enemies with a charge, the one capable of swimming against the current and so on, and switching from one to the other requires only opening a special menu by tapping the icon in the upper left corner of the screen. In addition to this, Super Cat Tales 2 also adds the element of a slot in which to assign one of the many items offered for sale in the special shop and which guarantee certain bonuses.

By doing so, Neutronized highlights even more a feature that had already been appreciated in the first chapter, namely the need to retrace your steps to be able to collect all the collectibles offered by the various levels. Few of the three bells hidden in each stage are in fact obtainable on the first visit, while the vast majority require the skills of the kittens unlocked later or the help of objects worth several hundred coins. The potential longevity undoubtedly gains from this dynamic, but it must also be said that Neutronized seems to have treaded a little too much on an aspect that will not necessarily appeal to all players. The same can be said for the control system that we described at the beginning, which is objectively very simple but which on more than a few occasions makes you feel the lack of a more classic model that guarantees greater control over the movements of the kittens. These are, in fact, the only variables that can affect the liking of a product which, for the rest, performs its work flawlessly. The level design maintains a constant quality throughout the (long, considering that we are talking about 100 stages) duration of the adventure, the difficulty is well balanced and the technical implementation can count on a graphics that preserves the retro style of the prequel but improving it in all respects , while the sound shows off decidedly convincing chiptune music. Last but not least, the free to play formula is exploited in an honest way, with advertisements that can be deactivated for a fee and in-app purchases useful to simplify life but not essential to continue.


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Super Cat Tales 2 is on the safe side, continuing the path traced from the first chapter without major deviations: we are therefore faced with the classic case of a sequel that expands the offer of the previous one (new levels, kittens and objects) without however bringing real game structure changes. A little more courage from Neutronized would have been appreciated, but without wanting to nitpick Super Cat Tales 2 remains a cute and fun platformer that can keep users company for some time who will appreciate its peculiar characteristics.


  • Gameplay reconfirmed in full
  • Technically always pleasant
  • Longevity and more than dignified challenge
  • Simple but imprecise control system
  • Backtracking may not appeal to everyone
  • It changes little compared to the prequel
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