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Street Kart Racing, subject of this review, targets a specific sub-genre, that of kart racers on mobile devices, and has the clear objective of dominating it in any aspect: from the driving model to the rendering of physics, from the precision of the controls to the integration of multiplayer, passing through a progression system that is undoubtedly the most interesting and engaging part of the game. 'experience. The small development team behind this project literally took years to get to the final version, available on the App Store at a price of 5,49 euros, and made use of the collaboration of several professional pilots, actually present among the verified accounts and possibly ready to challenge you on the tracks of the game.

After creating a profile and completing a brief tutorial, we will be able to make our debut in championship of rookies and gradually increase our score and our experience, racking up victories and completing the challenges to overtake rivals, unlock sponsorship deals and ultimately advance to the next category. The structure, with its many possibilities, follows our progress hand in hand, opening new sections of the menu (Compete, Missions, Sponsorship, Garage, Crew, Showroom and Apparel Store) when we have assimilated the basics of the experience and are ready to take a further step, whether it is to access the clothing store or the kart store.

All elements are subject to wear and this invariably prompts you to think about microtransactions, since you have to pay for everything: the energy of action that determines the possibility of racing, the fuel of the vehicle, the replacement of worn tires and even the driver's accessories, subject to gradual deterioration with consequences that produce disadvantages on the track . Let's say that this possibility exists, but it seems limited to any extras: for the rest it is enough to compete normally to have the credits virtual necessary to pay for everything we need to support our career. Furthermore, also the currency valuable is bestowed with discrete generosity, and if you want you can watch advertising trailers to cash in more.

Gameplay and structure

Beyond the possible controversies regarding the business model chosen for Street Kart Racing, there is an aspect of the experience that certainly counts more than the others and that leads us to appreciate without hesitation the title of Fat Cigar Productions: the gameplay. Plain and simple. It is possible to choose between two different types of controls, touch or tilt, but the first option for the moment is very limited and does not stand up to the comparison with the second, which instead allows you to brush the curves, dose the accelerator and brake surprisingly well (with quick touches of the second to avoid the blocking of the wheels) and, in general, have fun once you hit the track. Everything works very well, the rigorously first-person view keeps the involvement high and with practice you get real improvements in the times on the track, also in view of specific challenges.

There are interesting and appreciable facets, for example the jump on the curb can in some cases be an advantage but in others lead to collapse, making the card uncontrollable for one moment too long. Similarly, i backcountry can be fatal: if you recover quickly you can return to the asphalt, otherwise it is the game itself that pushes us out and in this case the only thing to do will be to call a referee of race because you recover us from the quagmire, inevitably losing a few seconds. In short, the system is very solid and the few blunders still present, such as an unrealistic rendering of collisions, do not in any way affect the enjoyment of the experience.

After that, as already mentioned, there is a rich and interesting system of progression who always keeps the interest alive, and who constantly sets new goals: rivalry with other pilots, virtual or real, or specific achievement to unlock to get more points. Within a single category there is a tendency to repeat the same ones a little traced multiple times, but the ability to participate in races with AI-controlled opponents or human players in online multiplayer (which becomes the norm in higher leagues) increases the variety just enough. From a technical point of view, a good job has been done, although the limits of independent production are very clearly visible: the simplistic and dated realization of the sky, some not exactly sophisticated geometries, basic effects and a good quality audio sector, but with some sounds definitely out of place.


Tested version iPhone (1.0) Digital Delivery App Store Price 5,49 €


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Street Kart Racing offers a truly convincing, solid and thrilling kart driving experience. The accelerometer controls allow you to face the races with great precision, having fun ringing overtaking and finding the right trajectory for the corners, but it is above all the progression system that keeps the interest alive. The game never stops creating new rivalries, proposing challenges, unlocking content that becomes accessible only after reaching a certain category, and this has an inevitable impact on engagement. The transparent and immediate management of the transition between single player and online multiplayer does the rest, completing the picture of a very convincing title, with only a few shadows on the front of the microtransactions.


  • Solid and addicting gameplay
  • Excellent progression system
  • Convincing management of online multiplayer
  • Some doubts about microtransactions
  • Technically a little behind
  • Touch controls can be improved
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