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After experiencing the Parisian fashion atmosphere and the sunny glimpses of the Amalfi coast, Hitman's third appointment takes us to Marrakesh to complete two new assignments, in the midst of a delicate political crisis. The new package can be downloaded from Tuesday, at a price of 9.99 euros, and requires the purchase of the Intro Pack to be fully enjoyed. On the contrary, it is not necessary to own the episode set in Sapienza, which can be purchased at a later time or avoided without any problem. The content update was accompanied by the release of patch 1.07, which introduced some firearm balances, a series of changes to the inventory structure and further improvements to the map and the operation of the main menu.

The map of Marrakesh is less layered than the previous ones, but still very impressive

Coup d'etat

The situation awaiting Agent 47 on sunny Moroccan days is not the best, as the city is on the brink of a civil war. The objectives are once again multiple: on the one hand the financial consultant Claus Strandberg and on the other General Reza Zaydan, both involved in a plot against the Moroccan government. Strandberg is the former CEO of a banking institution and was put on trial for defrauding thousands of savers. A group of mercenaries attacked the armored vehicle on board which the man was on and led him to safety within the walls of the Swedish embassy.

An angry mob has gathered in front of the building, clamoring for Strandberg's release, unaware that in the meantime Zaydan is organizing his escape with the aim of fomenting a riot and imposing martial law. Diana informs us that the general has set up his headquarters at an abandoned school, waiting to convince the leaders of the army to support the coup. Obviously the initiative supported by the ICA does not happen by chance but has some private interests of a certain importance upstream, including the possible loss of some crucial tenders, which would fail if the overthrow of the established power were to be successful. . The map of Marrakesh is less layered and broad than the two previous events, but no less interesting to enjoy. First of all we have a large area - which we could define as tourist - where the Medina is located, with its most characteristic bazaars and clubs. In these segments of the map one encounters a much larger crowd than in Paris and Sapienza, distributed between the main square and the small streets of the center. This area is counterbalanced by the two areas within which the targets move. The entrance to the embassy is besieged by activists, while inside the structure only employees and security agents meet. The view in the basement is different, where the army militias have complete control of the garage and the long underground tunnel that connects the embassy to a shop near the headquarters of Zaydan. As usual, the approaches to completing the assignments are the most varied, although the opportunities attributable to the dialogues and documents are numerically lower than what the previous location offered.

Seize the day, but do it right

As we have already remarked in the previous pieces, the choice of a well-defined strategy is one of the primary purposes offered by the gaming experience. After arriving in the city and starting the exploration, we learned that the old principal of the school where Zaydan was stationed had kept a master key useful to open any lock and facilitate the achievement of the objective. Going up to the adjacent building we stunned the writer without too many pleasantries and stole the key, but shortly after we were distracted by a second chance.

Thanks to some flyers, abandoned in an alley, we discovered that some activists were intent on spreading false propaganda for the Pan-African liberation movement and were on the streets wearing masks. After stealing one of their uniforms, infiltrating the school was almost a formality and it was enough to deactivate the machine that printed the posters to attract the attention of the general and complete the assignment smoothly. It was therefore time to get on the trail of Strandberg. To achieve this we took advantage of an opportunity similar to that already experienced in the Paris map: an exclusive interview with a GNN journalist. By pretending to be a freelance cameraman, we gained immediate access to the embassy. The recovery of suitable clothing led us to sneak inside a private club, passing through the rooftops. After having attracted the prey in the bathrooms thanks to the taps left open, it was possible to clean up the area and go carelessly to the scheduled appointment. Once we entered the embassy we chose to close the game in a picturesque way, avoiding the use of explosives as in Paris and preferring to blow up the supports of a statue suspended from the ceiling. The latter crashed with a clatter on the head of the target, also providing us with a diversion to leave the complex quickly. What we have briefly described represents only a small part of the possibilities that the map has in store for the player. Once again we can not help but underline the excellent work done by IO Interactive to stimulate the players, allow them to learn the secrets and induce them to complete all the opportunities available.

PlayStation 4 Trophies

There are seven Marrakesh Trophies, three of which focus on completing the main assignment. The others provide respectively the completion of the escalation contract, the choice of an initial position and the use of an additional resource during the mission and finally the achievement of the level of Professionalism 20.

Middle Eastern escalation

The third episode also introduces a new Escalation mission, titled Ignatiev's Integrity, which develops a further progression of assignments. The first task involves eliminating a soldier from Zaydan's militia by starting a fire that seems fortuitous. In subsequent levels, the main assignment is associated with other activities, such as retrieving an object from a safe, eliminating a second target using only a shotgun, destroying CCTV footage, and finally maintaining the same type of disguise for the entire duration of the session. As before, the Escalation missions are those that allow you to become more familiar with all the details inherent in the map and allow you to learn, in detail, both the shortcuts and the most effective techniques to achieve your objectives with the highest score. . Finally, a new lens belonging to the so-called Sarajevo Six was introduced. The new mission involves the elimination of Walter Menard, a veteran of the paramilitary SIGMA Unit, already active during the war in Yugoslavia in the 90s and in turn implicated in the affair involving Claus Strandberg. On a purely technical level, this third episode of Hitman also highlights some limitations, especially as regards the stability of the frame rate and the quality of some textures. In this case, the greater density of civilians, present above all in the Medina and in front of the entrance to the consulate, has created some embarrassment on more than one occasion.


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The map of Marrakesh clearly stands out from the two previous locations, offering a fascinating context and a landscape full of suggestive views. The pace offered by this new incarnation of Hitman is now well established: the intent of IO Interactive is to make the assignments so varied and rich in subplots that they can be played many times without the danger of getting bored, with total freedom even regarding setting the challenge level. The opportunity to purchase individual episodes without following a pre-established order, or even to skip some stages, definitively confirms the absence of a narrative thread, which however does not prevent the presence of short and not very incisive films, of which we would have objectively made to less.


  • Very impressive scenery
  • Large crowd in various areas of the map
  • Multiple assignments are fun and well orchestrated
  • Less stratified map than the previous ones
  • Frequent drops in frame rates
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