State of Survival, the review: zombie-based strategy

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La State of Survival review arrives a little late compared to the actual exit of the strategic based zombie developed by KingsGroup and available in the traditional freemium format on terminals iOS e Android.

However, the time that has elapsed so far has allowed the authors to refine certain mechanics, especially those related to microtransactions, and therefore to find a balance that allows you to enjoy this experience in one way or another, investing money or not, without compromising its enjoyment.

Gameplay: a different strategy than usual

In the beginning the gameplay of State of Survival seems identical to that of many other strategic and management systems available in the mobile field but which nevertheless boast a ridiculous depth, almost completely sacrificed on the altar of immediacy, so as to wink also and above all to a user casual. Fortunately, this time things are different and after the first chapters of the campaign, which serve as tutorials, the peculiar mix of management and strategy reveals new, interesting facets.

In fact, if the dynamics linked to the construction of the outpost and the expansion of its borders follow the rules of a well-established tradition thanks to blockbusters such as the various Farmville, they never go so far as to become a simple tapping exercise on various buildings to collect coins and resources. In short, this aspect is overshadowed, making the player concentrate rather on the many achievements available and on the actual missions.

The latter can take place in two different ways. On the one hand, there are the expeditions on the map, which take into account only the strength and number of our troops compared to those of the enemy to determine who wins and who loses the fight. On the other, the challenges, which draw on the fascinating sub-genre of tower defense to put us in front of hordes of increasingly threatening zombies.

The internships are becoming more and more articulated, and so does the team of characters that we have composed (and which we can obviously enhance using the resources obtained up to that moment) requires direct management, the execution of special maneuvers at the right time (turrets to be placed around, rifle shots, targeted shots, etc.) and even some moving on the fly. The thickness does not reach that of a real strategy, but compared to the average of these productions on mobile there is something to be enthusiastic about.

Technical realization

More controversial is the discourse related to technical realization of the game, which if on the one hand makes use of valid artwork for the protagonists (albeit derivative, often deliberately) and discreet polygonal models for the more action phases, in the management sequences it shows off ground textures that are frankly embarrassing and without providing us with any options to increase the visual quality depending on the device we use.

Le music they are functional to the action, without going further, while the touch controls always appear reactive and precise: unlike titles that move with a certain effort, especially when they have to interface with the network to unlock achievements, in State of Survival these aspects have been implemented effectively and, above all, have benefited from the continuous updates of the application since the launch.


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State of Survival offers a fairly varied and multifaceted strategic experience, which does not boast the depth of the productions available on PC and console but neither does it allow itself to be excessive concessions and automatisms so frequent in the mobile field. Several weeks after its launch, the KingsGroup title seems to have found the right balance between microtransactions and gratuity, but above all it does not fossilize on elements that in other cases are immediately redundant, see for example the touches for the collection of the resources produced. Even if you may have come to hate the genre on iOS and Android, you should give it a try.


  • Fairly varied gameplay
  • Interesting tower defense sections
  • It is played for free without too many restrictions
  • The management phase is the typical one of mobile games
  • Some graphics to improve
  • Not very incisive music
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