StarCraft 2 will no longer receive major updates. The announcement of Blizzard arrives

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Blizzard announced in the past few hours that it will no longer develop major updates for StarCraft 2, focusing instead on balancing corrections and the "future" of the franchise. In a new developer update, the vice president of Blizzard, Rob Bridenbecker, explained that the studio will continue to support the title "focusing primarily on what interests our community and the competitive". That means no more paid content like commanders and war chests, no new expansions.

That said, the release of balance updates and new seasons will also be guaranteed in the near future. Furthermore, Bridenbecker pointed out that there will be no update on the fourth quarter balance, since Blizzard just released one in August. 2020 marks ten years since the release of StarCraft 2 and just this year the US studio launched one of the biggest patches in the game, adding a suite of new tools and several improvements to the editor, Prestige Talents for Co-op Commanders and some updates on the "quality of life". Therefore, it would seem that with the release of these "latest" substantial changes, Blizzard sees a finished product, ready to turn its attention to new projects.

It could be a blow for the fans to see Blizzard get away from StarCraft 2, but Rob Bridenbecker he said the studio will now have more time to plan something completely new, "not just StarCraft 2 focused, but related to the entire universe of the game". At the moment it is not clear if this means that the development team is already working on a third installment of the series, or has in mind the creation of a sort of spin-off, but at least we have been certain that the famous strategic video game will not go. nowhere.

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