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    Star Wars The Force 2: cheat codes

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    Star Wars The Force 2: cheat codes

    We unlock the Sith Acolyte costume and many other items

    Enter the code by pausing the game and selecting cheat codes from the options menu:

    Unlock the Sith Acolyte costume
    MANDALORE Unlock Bobba Fett's costume
    TK421 Unlock the Stormtrooper costume
    SOLAR Unlock White Lightsaber Crystal "Wisdom" (more "strength points" for each kill)
    SHADOW Unlock the "Terror Trooper" costume
    MARK Unlock "Force Repulse"
    VENTRESS Unlock the "Dark Apprentice" costume
    REBELSCUM Unlock the "Rebel Trooper" costume
    RAHM Unlock the "General Kota" costume
    LIBO Unlock the Dark Green Lightsaber Crystal (Healing)
    TRAYA Unlock the Lightsaber Throw
    YARAEL Unlock Mindtrick
    NAMES Unlock the "Experimental Jedi" costume
    AJP400 Unlock the "Jump Trooper" costume
    GUNRAY Unlock the "Nemoidian" costume
    SPECFORCE Unlock the "Rebel Commando" costume
    MORTGES Unlock the "Saber Guard" costume
    HARPER Unlock the "Scout Trooper" costume
    HOLODROID Unlock the "Sith Training Droid" costume

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