Splinter Cell Blacklist: guide to catch all the VIPs [360-PS3-PC]

Splinter Cell Blacklist: guide to catch all the VIPs [360-PS3-PC]


First guide dedicated to collectibles of Splinter Cell Blacklist: let's start with i VIP.

The VIPs to be captured are 20 in total and they appear randomly (but always in the same area of ​​the level) in the single and co-op missions of the game. It may happen that no VIPs appear on a mission, but you will never find more than one VIP in the same mission.

The first time you spot one, Grim will inform you that you have to capture it alive, the VIP will be highlighted with the word "capture" on the head and on the map it will appear with a different symbol than the other enemies (larger red symbol). It is important not to be spotted and not to kill the VIP, otherwise it will not count to unlock the result, so always use non-lethal attacks to capture him.

After finding and capturing the VIP, continue to play until the next checkpoint in order to save your progress.

Capturing the VIPs will earn you extra money, and capturing them all unlocks the Trophy / Achievement

VIP caught - Capture 20 VIP targets

Here is a video showing how to catch all the VIPs in Splinter Cell Blacklist.

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