Splinter Cell Blacklist: Complete missions undetected [No trace]

Splinter Cell Blacklist: Complete missions undetected [No trace]


In Splinter Cell Blacklist, the new chapter of the famous series starring the legendary Sam Fisher, the stealth phase of the adventure enjoys even greater emphasis thanks to the re-adaptation of the game mechanics.

The Trophy / Objective "No Trace" - Complete a single player mission undetected puts us to the test in this very aspect, asking those who try to unlock it to complete a mission while remaining completely invisible to the eyes of the enemies.

In this guide, we see how to succeed in the enterprise with some tips for do not set off any alarms and a video showing an entire mission completed this way.

First of all let's see which gadgets it is advisable to use. Obviously it is necessary to equip non-lethal and above all not very noisy gadgets such as the proximity shocker. Narcotic gas will help you knock out enemies without being detected, while the sticky noisemaker will allow you to distract them for a short period of time. All non-lethal attacks are allowed, but be careful not to let other enemies discover the bodies of their companions you have stunned.

Remember that the achievement can be unlocked in any mission and at any difficulty level, therefore, if you don't want big problems, it is advisable to play one of the first missions at the lowest difficulty level, for example the mission "Benghazi". However, remember that the gadgets recommended in the previous point are not available at the beginning of the game, so the advice is to go on normally to unlock the gadgets, and then replay the mission at a later time using these gadgets that will greatly facilitate the task .

Here is an example video, you can of course do this in any mission.

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