Spider-Man: announced the new title of the film (or is it a joke?) [UPDATED]

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Like a bolt from the blue, several actors have begun to propose the title of the next film on their profiles Spider-Man. We are not dealing with a real classic announcement however, since each one has presented a different name, we are talking specifically about Tom HollandJacob Batalon. It may indeed be a mere fake announcement, but the presented frames of the third film are certainly true. In each we can see Tom Holland (Peter Parker), Zendaya (MJ) e Jason Batalon (Ned) in the same scene (but obviously with a different shot) in what will be the third film dedicated exclusively to Spider-Man. The posts you can see below, but we would like to tell you, again, that most likely they are just joking.

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Spider-Man 3 (let's call it that to avoid confusion) will also see the participation of Jamie Foxx as Electro (already dressed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and Benedict Cumberbatch in those of Dr. Strange. Kevin Feige, speaking of the film, he had already highlighted how this third chapter will tell a more autonomous Peter Parker: after having passed Homecoming in search of his dimension thanks to the mentor Tony Stark, and after having lived the mourning in Spider-Man: Far From Home, this third chapter will be the most exciting, and at the same time disastrous, for our web-weaving.

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If we remember well, in fact, after Far From Home the terrible Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) had revealed to the world - by sending a cutscene to a fantastic and in great shape J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) - the identity of Spider-Man. We know nothing, moreover, of the synopsis: in all probability this commercial gimmick will serve to take time before the real announcement (which we remember was to be released in December). On the other hand, a theory on the net states that this third chapter will be strongly connected with Wandavision and Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and perhaps the postponement of the first Disney + TV series The Marvel movies also requested a postponement of the reveal of the trailer.

The two screens that we see after the two frames are titled Spider-Man: Phone Home e Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker. From the way they were announced, and also from the words used, they seem like two references to situations from previous films, or worse to different films. Indeed Phone Home is the phrase said by ET in the film of the same name, while Home-Wrecker could perhaps refer to the relationship between Hogan e Aunt May. In short, that everything is a joke to drive fans crazy - again using the word Home in the subtitle - is very likely. The interesting thing, however, concerns the font used, or rather the color: in the first we see a green surrounded by yellow, in the second instead a gray surrounded by blue and red. It does not seem a coincidence, and if we go to see the two previous logos of the two films, the first was yellow with red outlines (a combination that the character recreates with the university jacket over the costume), while the second was a red surrounded by yellow and blue. Maybe the colors in this case are about new costumes for Spider-Man, or better still they are two calls to two iconic enemies that could return, like the Goblin or maybe Doctor Octopus (given the rumors related to the two characters).

UPDATE: Zendaya also posted on her Instagram a photo dedicated to the film and a new logo, with the name Spider-Man Home-Slice

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