Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland doesn't know when filming will begin

The shooting of the third film dedicated to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, co-produced by Sony and Marvel Studios, were scheduled for this summer, but given the recent implications, the interpreter of Peter Parker does not know if the Japanese multinational will be able to meet the deadlines. In the past few hours Tom Holland, during a recent interview, he told J of not knowing when the filming of Spider-Man 3, given that these have been temporarily suspended due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus. We report below when declared by the well-known actor:

I'm not too sure. I was in Berlin, I was shooting a movie called Uncharted with Mark Wahlberg.

We were all ready to go, we went to the set for the first day of shooting, and then we closed up and were sent home. So, at the moment we don't know if we're going to shoot that movie first or Spider-Man, I don't know.

Both films have been made and they are both very strong, with really great scripts, so whatever happens, they will hit theaters.

Hence, it would appear that Sony shuffled the cards on the table a bit, postponing the filming of Uncharted: The movie, in order to start shooting the third film dedicated to Spider-Man as soon as possible. According to the dates previously communicated, Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland, should debut in cinemas next July 16 2021.


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Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland reveals when filming will end ❯
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