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We try to close in three lines the review di Speaking simulator because it's not really worth giving it more space. Meanwhile, do not be fooled by the title, because the simulation of the act of speak does not exist. Tested with any controller with two analog sticks, the game is reduced to a kind of very mild rhythm game, in which the left stick is assigned the movements of the tongue, while the right stick those of the mouth.

All the player has to do is to move the mouth as indicated by some arrows and press the buttons placed inside the oral cavity with the tongue, when they turn green, avoiding them when they are red. Why are there buttons in the protagonist's mouth? Because it is a robot controlled by an alien who wants to take over the world. Learning to speak is the only way to avoid being discovered by humans.

The missions of which the single player campaign, if we want to call it that, they see us from time to time in front of a different human trying to compose sentences with the movements of the mouth and other parts of the face that are unlocked by leveling up, complicating the controls a little (other buttons also come into play to be pressed always and only when we are told to do so). Our goal is to try to be as convincing as possible.

When too many mistakes are made, the human's degree of suspiciousness exceeds the guard level, letting us discover. That's all? Yes ... and unfortunately we have gone far beyond the three lines. In reality we were in a hurry, because Speaking Simulator is also something else: a repetitive title to the core, technically ugly and very short ... Hey, finally a virtue! But let's slow down and return to the canons of the good reviewer.


The idea of ​​Speaking Simulator is not even evil and for the first ten minutes of the game it is fun too. After all, it is easy to see behind the trend of comic simulators, those that have titles such as Surgeon Simulator and Goat Simulator as their leader. Unfortunately, the little it has to offer runs out of thrust in a very short time, making the immense flaws emerge quickly. The editor at the beginning of the game allows you to create your own robotic human by choosing between skin color, hairstyle and other general characteristics of his appearance. Theoretically Speaking Simulator aims to get some laughs thanks to the absurd deformation of the protagonist's face, between teeth that jump, mechanical ears go to a boil and other similar foundations that occur during conversations.

As mentioned, it works for a few minutes, but the fun lasts as long as you realize that we are faced with an approximate game without any bite. The face, the only animated element of the character, as well as the 'place' where the game takes place, is the fair of interpenetrations. Facial deformations often look like glitches rather than features. The missions are connected to each other in a very vague way, with the dialogues that are the pride of banalities and jokes phone calls. The scenarios where the conversations take place are static and bare (offices, bars, apartments that are). It is really difficult to find something that can be saved. Maybe if it were a simulator of unpleasant conversations with people you don't want to meet ...


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Speaking Simulator is a pleasant title that becomes repetitive after a few minutes. What initially seems like a brilliant idea, actually has structural limitations that are not compensated for in any way. Honestly, it's hard to think of anyone who might like. Maybe you might be interested in if you have a YouTube channel or if you are a streamer and want to propose something funny to viewers. For the rest we really struggle to find a reason to recommend it.


  • The idea itself seems to be brilliant
  • It ends early
  • It does not cost much
  • Have fun for a few minutes
  • Technically it doesn't do much, but what it does is done wrong
  • Repetitive gameplay
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