South Park The Stick of Truth - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

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South Park The Stick of Truth - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of South Park Playstation 3 Trophies: The Stick of Truth

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


The arrival of the Novellino
You joined the KKK.
First day in South Park
You have completed your first day in South Park.
You got bitten 3 times by the carrot skin without parrying.
You defeated the head of the corridor overseers while you had freckles.
I did it for you
You threw an asshole of your own making at an enemy.
We're OK?
You found Jesus while you were playing as a Jew.
You've opened all the garages in South Park.
By the Horde
You completed the game without selling any items.
The truth in power
You farted on four authorities.
Irritable colon
You shit yourself in a boss battle.
Whistle for dogs
You farted on a dog while you were gnome-sized.
Dragon's fury
Knocked out 3 or more enemies with a single fart outside of combat.
I was just passing by for a greeting
You farted on every friend in the game.
You interrupted 5 channeled attacks with a fart.
Defeated the junkies while wearing the evil Cartman goatee and bald cap.
You have successfully parried every enemy attack in a single battle outside of the tutorial.
Stay down
You farted on 10 enemies who were already on the ground in game settings.
You have defeated 3 enemies in one battle when your friend was unconscious.
Without losing a baby
You completed the game and never finished a battle with your knocked out friend.
Poco Chinpoko
Collected 5 Chinpokomon.
The relationship with my father
You made friends with your father.
Garbage seller
You sold 300 useless items.
Fire ass
Defeated 20 enemies using Cartman's ass.
Handshake candese
You've farted on people 100 times.
Animal abuse
You farted on animals 25 times.
In three different battles you took a shit on yourself.
Sick of shopping
Collected half of the available costume sets.
Friends in strange places
You made friends with both crab men and gnomes.
Weapon skills
Over the course of the game, you have landed 100 perfect attacks.
Expert defender
Over the course of the game, you have parried 100 attacks.
Ugly bastards!
You let Kenny die in battle 10 times over the course of the game.
You have unlocked all the upgrades for a Newbie skill.
Make it rain!
You spent $ 500.
Complete arsenal
Own all the weapons and costumes available in the game.
Chinpoko loco
Collected 15 Chinpokomon.
More popular than Jesus
You made friends with half of South Park.
Collected all the Chinpokomon.
More popular than John Lennon
All the people of South Park are your friends.
Collected all available costumes.
South Park ™: The Stick of Truth ™ Platinum Trophy
Collected all South Park ™: The Stick of Truth ™ trophies

South Park Secret Trophies: The Stick of Truth


You have made friends with the goths, like any other person who is playing this game.
We understand it in a few
Inside Mr. Maso, you have summoned Mr. Maso.
Face Hoff
You defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff.
You accepted your fate by choosing the name of Coglionazzo.
Two girls, one stick
You defeated Princess Kenny dressed as a girl.
You defeated Princess Kenny while suffering from Meta-AIDS.
You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds.
Too far
You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi zombie fetus.
Hero of the KKK
You have defeated Kyle, the Jewish High Elf in battle.
Elven hero
You have defeated the Great Wizard Cartman in battle.
Savior of the Staff
You have defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth.

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