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    Soul Calibur V - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Soul Calibur V - Trophy List [PS3]

    The complete list of Trophies.


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Soul Calibur V.


    History repeats itself
    Fight in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).
    A soul grows
    Edit a Player License.
    Destiny begins
    Register 3 rivals.
    Trial of the Warrior
    Win at least two consecutive games on PlayStation Network.
    War mercenary
    Fight 30 times on PlayStation Network.
    Follow your creed
    Win 5 times on PlayStation Network in the same style.
    Synchronized DNA
    Use Ezio in a player match.
    Adept of violence
    Reach E4 rank in Ranked Match mode.
    A reason to fight
    Reach E1 rank in Ranked Match mode.
    Submit your victory replay.
    Notes on rivals
    Play another player's replay.
    Path of glory
    Quick Battle: Defeat 50 opponents.
    Life is a duel
    Quick Battle: Defeat 150 opponents.
    Perfect pupil
    Arcade: Complete the Asia route.
    Story: Complete Episode 1.
    Shields united
    Story: Complete Episode 8.
    Memories of others
    Arcade: Complete a leaderboard path with a better log than your rival.
    Usurped name
    Quick Battle: Defeat 10 players with titles and use the title won on the player license.
    Quick Battle: Defeat Harada TEKKEN.
    Passionate artist
    Crafting: Create a character with at least one gear and one pattern.
    Colored illusion
    Creation: Create an icon by manually setting a frame and background (front or back).
    Fetal soul
    Reach Player Level 5.
    Pulsating soul
    Reach Player Level 50.
    Vigorous barbarian
    Slam the opponent into the wall 50 times.
    Adored from the sky
    Successfully perform 20 grip breaks.
    Like a stream
    Successfully perform a Perfect Guard 5 times.
    Momentary pleasure
    Successfully perform a Reactive Guard 100 times.
    Black sword of death
    Perform 30 KOs with the Critical Blade.
    Hands of the abyss
    You win for sending your opponent out of the ring 50 times.
    Skilled paratore
    Achieve a perfect win 50 times.
    Wind of war
    Travel over 87.600 meters in combat.
    Perform the Bold Blade 100 times.
    Stormy force
    Knock out the opponent 25 times with one attack after a quick move.
    Endless effort
    Successfully land an attack 20.000 times.
    Traces of soldiers
    Defeat 100 male characters.
    Give in to temptations
    Defeat 100 female characters.
    Madness of a mad king
    Guard failure 30 times.
    Lively pub
    Edit the music from the options menu.
    War strategist
    Fight 75 times on PlayStation Network.
    Carved in history
    Fight 100 times on PlayStation Network.
    Bold warrior
    Win 20 times on PlayStation Network.
    Beginning of a legend
    Reach rank D1 in Ranked Match mode.
    Sudden temptation
    Quick Battle: Defeat all opponents.
    Order reborn
    Story: Complete Episode 16.
    War veteran
    Arcade: Complete all courses on the hard level.
    Ranked Match - Earn 10 wins with Ezio.
    Dueling skills
    Legendary Souls: Win with Bold Blade.
    Soul realized
    Reach the maximum player level.
    Win 50 times on PlayStation Network.
    Away from home
    Story: Complete the last episode.
    History is not written
    Collect all trophies.

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