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This film… this film has been talked about a lot since its first trailer, a short pill that left everyone with doubts and hopes. However, the last of these arrived on the net has managed to rekindle them, with the prayers of the most ardent fans that seem to have been heard. Sonic: The Movie is now ready to debut in theaters, and as usual we were able to view the film in advance, very ready to tell you ours. Will he be able to please everyone? Find out below!

Gotta go fast!

This film translates in a cinematic way a bit of everything that the Sonic brand has been over the years, trying to give a new start to the saga, and in any case winking at everything we have experienced in these last years of platforming. breath. In this movie Sonic is a being from another dimension, who took refuge in the city of Green Hill after traveling between them to escape from those who wanted to seize his power. In that city it is as if he were a ghost, he knows everyone but no one is aware of his existence, until due to this psychological distress, Sonic unleashes his powers and a blackout occurs throughout the Pacific Northwest. with the government deciding to send the eccentric genius to research Dr Robotnik, interpreted by Jim Carrey.

Before disappearing again, Sonic decides to take refuge in the sheriff's tool shack Tom Wachowski, interpreted by James Masden, but he is discovered by the latter and is asleep ... and by mistake he opens a portal to and drops the portals to the other dimensions within it. From this moment begins the journey of Sonic and Tom to recover the portals as they escape the evil Robotnik, who has discovered the power of the blue hedgehog and wants to seize it at all costs.

Classic stories for a classic Sonic

the plot of Sonic: The Film will certainly not be among the most complex in history, in fact it is very reminiscent of that series of films from the early 90s, with morals and so on. However, this does not appear to be a problem, given that the target is both children and the team of parents who will take their children to the cinema to share with them a moment of their videogame childhood: this film is made especially for them, with the certainty that it can elicit a lot of laughter even from those who do not belong to one or the other age group. The succession of events is full of action and good scene changes, and while minimal it still remains functional for the film. Photography was promoted without infamy and without praise, nothing superb, but not bad enough to turn up your nose.

Definitely the scenes of 3D graphic they help make the film much more interesting and attractive. It must also be said, however, that this occasionally falters a little, and that a small gap can be noticed between the scenes shot and the 3D. Not that this dynamic occurs that often, but they are nonetheless little things that are hard to miss by an experienced eye.


As much as actor James Marsden works in this film, we can confidently say that the one who holds everything up is Jim Carrey. His performance as Robotnik is functional to the role he must have: his egotism, his madness and his confidence in the profession lead the doctor to be a pleasant and unpleasant character at the same time. We can also say that these kinds of roles fit the Canadian actor perfectly: how can we forget his bad performances in Lemony snicket - a series of unfortunate events, in the role of the Grinch or even in his - in my opinion - best performance in the role ofRiddler in Batman Forever? We are not facing a one man show, but his contribution to keeping everything at very good levels is undeniable.

Simple as a Chilly Dog

This feature film is definitely a good film, it gives us the chance to see the hedgehog under a cinematic guise, and it gives us again the chance to see actors like the aforementioned Jim Carrey on the big screen.

Sonic: The film is still a simple production. It is one of those films that you go to see them, you leave the cinema happy, but that does not leave you that irrepressible desire to see it again. The simple plot, the sometimes wavering 3D, the fact that primary characters are the outline: the sum gives the impression of having a good film in front of you, which could certainly have been better but also infinitesimally worse. Everything could easily be summed up in the maxim of another "doctor", more precisely Dr. Zoidberg of Futurama, as I also pointed out to my colleagues at the release of the press screening: during an episode dedicated to Fry's parasites, the crew enters the boy's body and in one scene the crustacean takes some cholesterol, spreads it on a toast and says “it's good cholesterol but it spreads as if it were of bad quality”.

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