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    Sniper Elite V2 - Trophy List [PS3]

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    Sniper Elite V2 - Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Sniper Elite V2

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum




    Forward and in the center
    Shoot a headshot from over 150m.
    Trap detonator
    Use a trip mine to kill an enemy trying to storm your position.
    Kill an enemy while the noise of your rifle is hidden by another louder noise.
    Destroy a tank by shooting the tank.
    Quiet but lethal
    Kill 25 unsuspecting enemies by stealth.
    Deadly eye
    Shoot an enemy in the eye with the help of the crosshair.
    Double dose
    Kill 2 people with one shot.
    Well done
    Shoot an enemy's 100m belt grenade.
    Novice sniper
    Escape the German assault.
    First-time sniper
    Stop the convoy.
    Apprentice sniper
    Destroy the V2 structure and seek refuge.
    Day sniper
    Prevent the advance of the Russians.
    Talented sniper
    Stop the execution.
    Professional sniper
    Collect the intel from the church and escape.
    Expert sniper
    Elimina Muller.
    Master sniper
    Check out Wolff's plans.
    Veteran sniper
    Discover the location of the V2 launch.
    Scared sniper
    Destroy the V2 rocket.
    Off the ground
    Kill everyone in the convoy from the ground, except Kreidl.
    Strong and powerful
    Eliminate the Russian squad of elite snipers from above the rooftops.
    Drop the tank into the river with the exploding bridge.
    Kilroy was here
    Get to the winch room undetected.
    Revive a co-op partner 10 times.
    Easy bomb
    Survive 10 Bombardment matches.
    At due distance
    Get a streak of ranged kills equivalent to a marathon.
    Iron lungs
    Hold your breath for a cumulative duration of half an hour.
    Kill 100 enemies with explosives.
    World record
    Get 506 cumulative sniper kills.
    Gung ho
    Kill 100 targets on the go.
    Big boss
    Get 100 headshot kills.
    Gold rush
    Find and recover all stolen gold bars.
    Out of responsibility
    Land a headshot with rebound.
    Every hit
    Complete a level with 100% accuracy using only shotguns.
    Hide and hope
    Complete a level without getting hit once.
    Legendary sniper
    Prevent Wolff from escaping.
    Target identified!
    Mark 50 Observer enemies in Observation mode.
    Target eliminated
    As a sniper in Observation mode, kill 50 enemies tagged by your partner.
    Achieve a total of 50 explosives hits in career.
    It can be done!
    Complete all Coop Observation Missions.
    Jungle juice
    Find and shoot all the hidden bottles during the match.
    Elite sniper
    Complete all missions on the hardest difficulty.
    Platinum trophy
    Win all the trophies to earn your place as the greatest sniper in the world.


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