Sniper Elite V2 - Tips for completing the game on maximum difficulty [sniper elite]

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Sniper Elite V2 - Tips for completing the game on maximum difficulty [sniper elite]


If played at the maximum difficulty level, Sniper Elite V2 offers a respectable challenge even for the most savvy players.

If there is some point in the game that is making you lose your mind and you are one step away from pointing your nice gun straight at the center of your belly, give yourself this last chance and take your finger off the trigger.

Below we have collected a number of tips and tricks from people who have already completed the game on the hardest difficulty.

Nothing that will change your life or lower that damn spread, but take a look, they are useful advice and not exactly obvious.

1) Recon is very useful when playing on Elite Sniper difficulty, so always use binoculars. Before attacking or crossing an area use it to track down enemies or to plan your attack / route. This will make your life a lot easier than the classic "iatovicco-mi-ci-ficco" approach to Call of Duty.

2) Await the movements of the enemies, especially when they are in groups, and take advantage of the elements of the surrounding environment to put yourself in a position of advantage and make sure that they remain isolated. Taking them down one by one is a tactic that always pays off.

3) At this difficulty the enemies suffer from the so-called "hawk eye" syndrome. It doesn't matter if you've moved like the most panther of panthers, they'll see you anyway. So try to always and constantly exploit the covers because after you are inevitably discovered you will also inevitably crack with a very precise blow. Always put something between you and them and wait for the right moment to send some lead straight to the forehead.

4) One of the main concerns of any sniper is to keep their backs covered while lurking in anticipation of their prey. Make good use of the traps by placing them in strategic points trying to guess which path the enemies will take to assault your position.

5) Patience is the main skill of any good sniper. Stock it up big because on the hardest difficulty charging your enemies with your sword will get you nowhere. Use the silenced pistol in tight spaces trying to hit the head while if you are in front of a group of enemies the machine gun could get you out of trouble.

Before you get a big mouthful of the Kraut for your game on Elite difficulty, I propose the video solution of the game to this difficulty, it seems that they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sniper Elite V2 video solution maximum difficulty



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