Sniper Elite V2 - Hidden Bottles Guide [Unlock Jungle Juice]

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Sniper Elite V2 - Hidden Bottles Guide [Unlock Jungle Juice]


Well well well friends of Resources4gaming! Let's start with the guides dedicated to Sniper Elite V2 and precisely with the collectible bottles of the game. In this guide we will see where to find all the hidden bottles that you will have to shoot to unlock the objective / trophy:

Jungle juice - Find and shoot all hidden bottles during the match

Here is the index of the 10 missions plus the Prologue in which you will have to find a total of 37 bottles. For each mission, the number of bottles to be found and the corresponding minute of the video below where that mission begins is indicated. Ah, one last thing, remember that you have to shoot them and not drain them in one gulp!

Before leaving you to the video I remind you that the guide is also available to find all the stolen gold bars.

Subscription No. of bottles Minute

1 bottle 00:04
Convoy Schoneberg

2 bottles 00:23

5 bottles 00:51
Museo Kaiser-Friedrich

4 bottles 01:54

3 bottles 02:56
Church of St. Olibartus

4 bottles 03:41
Torre Tiergarten

3 bottles 04:43
Karlshorst Command

5 bottles 05:25
Kreuzberg HQ

4 bottles 06:10
Kopenick launch site

3 bottles 06:56
Porat of Brandenburg

3 bottles 07:37

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