Sniper Elite V2 Collectibles Guide [360-PS3-PC]

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Sniper Elite V2 Collectibles Guide [360-PS3-PC]


We are a people of hunters. We wander cautiously in search of the object of the moment: lately raccoons and squirrels are in fashion, but the important thing is to collect, collect and COLLECT.

And what items do we have to collect in Sniper Elite V2?

Don't worry, dear children of the panini stickers, in this game you will have bread for your teeth as we have a total of 137 collectibles.

There is talk of hidden bottles and gold bars, other than raccoons (tttsèè !!)

Obviously I couldn't leave you alone in this vitally important undertaking, so here are a couple of guides ready for you:

Stolen Gold Bars Guide [unlocks Gold Rush achievement / trophy]

Hidden Bottle Guide [unlocks Jungle Juice achievement / trophy] 


Good hunting!!!

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