Sleeping Dogs - Security Camera Guide [Hong Kong Super Hacker]

Sleeping Dogs - Security Camera Guide [Hong Kong Super Hacker]

Another guide dedicated to the collectibles of Sleeping Dogs, this time we take care of security cameras.

In the game there are 26 security cameras in total and we will have to find them all to unlock the achievement / trophy:

Super hackers in Hong Kong - Hack all security cameras in the game.

The cameras are often quite hidden so the video at the end of the article - which shows the exact location of each - could help you find them all. There is a way to see all the cameras marked on the game map, here is how to proceed:

at some point in the game you get a call from Raymond for a meeting in a secret location. Raymond will give you a task to complete, accept it and you will have to deal with a girl named Not Ping. After completing the mission contact Not Ping for an appointment. Hit her by hacking a security camera and once done she will reward you by displaying all Hong Kong security cameras on your map.

To you the video with the position of all the cameras

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