Sleeping Dogs - Guide to the Altars of Health [Spiritual Healing]

Sleeping Dogs - Guide to the Altars of Health [Spiritual Healing]

With December 21st 2012 approaching inexorably securing our sinful soul to the Gods proves to be a more than clever move.

Here is that too Sleeping Dogs comes to our rescue and in combining business with pleasure, he proposes us to find all altars of health scattered around the game world. This milestone in addition to guaranteeing us a lady recommendation in the race for our little piece of heaven also allows us to unlock an achievement / trophy of the game:


Spiritual healing - Pray at all health altars.


There are 50 health altars in total. In the following video you can see the exact position of all the altars, but you should know that there is also a way to have them marked on the game map, here's how to proceed

at the beginning of the game you will get a mission to help a girl named Amanda. Complete the mission and you will have the girl's number. At that point you can call her to make an appointment, do it and at the end of the meeting Amanda will reward you by displaying the position of all the altars on the map.


Below you can watch the video, also remember your Fragger when you are in prayer ...

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