Skyrim - Trophy List [PS3]

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Skyrim - Trophy List [PS3]

The complete list of Trophies.


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim


Without chains
Complete "Unchained"
Tumulus of the Sad Falls
Complete "Cairn of Sad Falls"
The Way of the Voice
Complete "The Way of the Voice"
Diplomatic immunity
Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"
Alduin's wall
Complete "Alduin Wall"
Ancient knowledge
Complete "Ancient Knowledge"
The fallen
Complete "The Fallen"
Call to arms
Join the Companions
Blood pact
Become a member of the Circle
Enter the Winterhold Academy
Revealing the invisible
Complete "Revealing the Invisible"
Take care of business
Join the Thieves Guild
The return of darkness
Complete "The Darkness Returns"
With friends like these ...
Enter the Dark Brotherhood
As long as death does not separate you
Complete "Til Death Do You Part"
Join the Storm Shrouds or the Imperial Army
War hero
Conquer Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall
Secondary roads
Complete 10 side missions
Hero of the people
Complete 50 miscellaneous objectives
Hard worker
Chop wood, mine minerals and cook food
Successfully persuade, bribe and intimidate
Choose a blessing from a mehnir
Buy a house
Escape from prison
Convola a wedding
Craft an item with the forge, an enchanted item, and a potion
Supreme criminal
Earn a bounty of 1.000 gold in all nine fiefdoms
Read 50 skill books
Daedric influence
Obtain a Daedric Artifact
Dragon soul
Absorb a dragon soul
Dragon Hunter
Absorb 20 dragon souls
Words of Power
Learn the 3 words of a Scream
Reach level 5
Reach level 10
Reach level 25
Glory to the dead
Complete "Glory to the Dead"
The Eye of Magnus
Complete "The Eye of Magnus"
Join the shadows
Restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory
Ave Sithis!
Complete "Bird Sithis!"
Hero of Skyrim
Conquer Solitude the Windhelm
Pick 50 locks and pickpocket 50 people
Find 13 mehnir
Golden touch
Collect 100.000 gold coins
Clear 50 dungeons / caves
Skill master
Raise a skill to 100 points
Discover 100 locations
Walker of Oblivion
Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts
Thu'um Maestro
Learn 20 Screams
Reach level 50
Dragon Slayer
Complete "Dragon Slayer"
Platinum Trophy
Collect all Trophies.


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