Skyrim - How to enter the Dark Brotherhood

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Skyrim - How to enter the Dark Brotherhood

With friends like these ....


Compared to other guilds and factions, the Dark Brotherhood is certainly the hardest to find and the one that requires the most effort to gain access to it.

In this guide we see what needs to be done in Skyrim to be able to first find and then enter the dark brotherhood.

First of all, start asking around for information, in particular in Windhelm by talking to the hosts of the various inns or bars. At the end you should have the chance to talk to a guy called Aventus Aretino, who is in the Residence Aretino in Windhelm. Talk to the boy to get the "Innocence Lost" quest. Once completed NO nothing will happen. Only after a while will you receive a note from a courier, then sleep to be contacted by the Dark Brotherhood. Talk to the stranger at the side of your bed to become a full member of the fraternity e unlock the achievement and trophy "With Friends Like These ..."

NOTE: some users report that they received the courier note simply after killing several innocent civilians ...

Finally, here is a video showing how to join the Dark Brotherhood.

Skyrim - How to enter the Dark Brotherhood
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