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    Side Quests Solution

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    Bound by Flame: guide / solution to secondary missions [PS4-360-PS3-PC]


    In Bound by Flame, as in any self-respecting RPG, there are several side quests, completing them is important for several reasons.

    Side Quests Solution

    In this guide we see what all the secondary missions of Bound by Flame are and how to complete them. Some of these missions are closely related to main story missions, others are totally optional. Completing the side quests will serve you to learn more about the plot, but also to unlock new weapons and upgrade your character's abilities.

    So here is the list of all the secondary missions with links to videos (where available) that show the solution to complete them.

    Act 1

    Chapter 1
    - Safari con Sybil
    - The duel
    - Randval's Recruitment (Prerequisite: Complete "The Duel")
    - Problems of Stewardship
    - Humanitarian services (prerequisite: "Problems of Stewardship" starts)
    - The Dispensary Resources (pre-requisite: starts "Humanitarian Services")
    - The lost assistant (pre-requisite: start "the dispensary resources")
    - The missing guards (pre-requisite: "Problems of Stewardship" starts)
    - The equipment of the guards
    - The Greenhorn's Training
    - Assel's Raw Materials (pre-requisite: "The Equipment of the Guards" begins

    Chapter 2
    - Orphan
    - A cure for the prince
    - Edwen's Request (pre-requisite: begins the main quest of Chapter 2)
    - Missing in Action

    Chapter 3
    - The defense of the village

    Act 2

    Chapter 1
    - The barricade
    - The frozen bookstore
    - The souls of the Elves
    - Randval the loner
    - The prisoners
    - Shy request (pre-requisite: recruit Mathras)
    - Camp Security
    - Assist the Elven Sentinels (pre-requisite: complete the main story of Chapter 1

    Chapter 2
    - A traitor in the Field
    - The barricade
    - The interrogatorio of a Deadwalker

    Chapter 3
    - No side missions

    Act 3

    Chapter 1
    - Save the Elven soldiers
    - A damsel in distress (pre-requisite: return to the field with Mathras)
    - A knight in distress (pre-requisite: return to camp with Mathras)
    - Upgrade the field defenses (pre-requisite: return to the field with Mathras)
    - Save Renko (pre-requisite: return to the field with Mathras)

    Chapter 2
    - The soul of a prince (pre-requisite: ally with Rhelmar at the end of act 2) Note: this mission starts in Chapter 1 but cannot be completed before this point.
    - Edwen's Artifact (pre-requisite: ally with Edwen at the end of Act 2) Note: This mission starts in Chapter 1 but cannot be completed before this point.
    - The Blades Enslaved (pre-requisite: complete "Rescue the Elven Soldiers") Note: This mission starts in Chapter 1 but cannot be completed before this point.

    Act 4

    No secondary missions

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