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    Shank - Unlockable Costume Guide

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    Shank - Unlockable Costume Guide

    Here's what to do to unlock new costumes


    Here is the list of actions to take to unlock alternate costumes for your character in Shank:

    Dance: Complete Story Mode on Normal difficulty.
    Gimp: Kill 50 creatures.
    Horror: Kill 100 Enemies with the chainsaw.
    Mow 'em Down: Get 1000 total kills.
    Red Pajamas: Perform a 150 hit combo
    Spartan: Successfully complete the backstory.
    White Pajamas: Perform a 100 hit combo.
    Wildman: Complete Story Mode on Hard difficulty.
    Yellow Jump Suit: Kill 100 enemies.

    we will also follow you of the codes to be used to download other costumes.

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