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The situation of PlayStation Vita sinks with every passing day: if in the West there are practically no more titles, only Japan is still a harbinger of an iota of interest in a console that seems abandoned to itself. The problem with the games of the Rising Sun, however, is that no matter how well they can be done, they always take (at least) a few months before they reach the rest of the world, and when they do get there they are mostly translated into English only in the texts. They are also niche titles, both for the topics covered and for the game design choices, very often not very similar to the tastes of Western palates. Among these there is certainly Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal, halfway between the dungeon crowler and the JRPG developed by Sting Entertainment. This is the second release of the To Heart 2 series, released in Japan in March 2013 on PSP and in September of the following year on PlayStation Vita. More than a year later, the new version also comes to us, thanks to the English translation and some censorship that has lightened the sexual references. Yes, because as often happens, also in this case from the land of the Rising Sun we received a title with rather anonymous gameplay, but overflowing with busty girls adequately undressed and situations straddling the erotic allusion and total nonsense.

The sexy monsters of Dungeon Travelers 2 also arrive in the west on PlayStation Vita

Fights between damsels

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal takes us to the kingdom of Romulea, threatened by an invasion of monsters that are seriously endangering the lives of its citizens. To repel the army of invaders, however, it is not enough to defeat them, but it is necessary to imprison their essence to prevent them from returning to the office thanks to the powers of the Demon God. In this regard, an alchemist has created a book that acts as a seal, entrusted to the hands of Fried Einhard who, from the full shelves of the Royal Library, found himself traveling throughout the kingdom wearing the role of the monster hunter. To put it this way, the monster hunter seems like a rather unpleasant and dangerous task, especially if faced alone, but in a short time it turns out that the truth is quite different. First of all, our Fried will find himself facing sensual girls with ever-increasing powers scattered in the various dungeons of the game world, and secondly he will not be the one to fight in first person but will make use of the support of equally undressed travel companions, ready to go to the front line to face the enemy head on. In short, as you will have easily guessed the fan service is the master and the only constant to accompany us along the tens of hours of play, will be beautiful little dressed girls often portrayed in spicy situations, also because the plot itself is really negligible and little intriguing. The recruitment of a large cast of heroines represents the keystone on which all the gameplay rests and allows you to give a minimum of depth to the management of the party, thanks to the use of varied mechanics to make the most of during the clashes. These work in a rather traditional way, with turns alternating between the two sides and the ability to use an attack, spell, or item for your own or your companions' benefit. In perfect JRPG style, exploring the dungeons we would be suddenly attacked by new creatures, with clashes that could see us outnumbered and force us to develop new strategies. As per tradition, farming and the improvement of our party will have a fundamental role, especially in light of the articulated system of growth of the various characters.

PSVita Trophies

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is giving away 31 trophies, 15 of which are Bronze, 10 Silver and 5 Gold, in addition to the inevitable Platinum. Many are related to the development of the main storyline and the achievement of specific objectives of the campaign, while others require you to take down a certain number of monsters, level up our party members and improve equipment.

Dungeon problematici

At level 15 there is the possibility of assigning each character a second class, effectively enhancing a characteristic of the main one: for example, if we have a Fighter hero, this can become a Paladin if we increase the defense and buffs for protect your companions, or a Berserker by focusing everything on physical strength.

In this way each character can play a very specific role in the composition of the team, even if playing and experimenting it has emerged that some classes are preferable over others, giving a substantial advantage in clashes. Magic, for example, has an advantage over physical strength in Dungeon Travelers 2 and this applies to attack but especially to defense; there are bosses who managed to kill half of the party members with just one spell, but by developing the skills to silence them, the damage has become manageable. In addition to leveling, equipment and gold, which is obtained from killed enemies or by selling useless items, is also very important. The dungeons are in fact littered with chests, but the interesting things to collect are very few and the loot system is quite repetitive. The Sealbook instead collects the seals of the defeated monsters that can be used to obtain upgrades or be sold for large amounts of money. Of these, boss seals are worth much more, but can also be equipped directly on Fried to power up all party members. If the fight remains pleasant without inventing anything new, exploration is the least cared for part of the Sting Entertainment title, complicit in repetitive and poorly balanced dungeons with extremely easy areas followed by sometimes frustrating peaks of difficulty, and a general pace of play that is too slow that requires you to spend a lot of time before unlocking the team complete and start feeling effective. On the technical front, the title has two faces: on the one hand there are the static screens regarding the history and the interface of the fights, made in two dimensions that cleverly exploit the quality of the PlayStation Vita display with colorful and well-defined manga-style drawings. ; on the other hand there are the dungeons, to be explored with the first-person view that highlights low-resolution textures and a general paucity of the game environments, problems resulting from previous development on PSP. It should also be noted that the game is entirely in English in the menu texts and subtitles, while the dubbing is only in Japanese, and that some scenes in the original version have been censored in the Western conversion for too explicit allusions to sexual acts and practices.


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Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is chock-full of sensual, scantily clad girls portrayed in unlikely poses, sometimes so absurd that they make a smile. It is a dungeon crowler with interesting JRPG elements linked above all to the leveling and the full-bodied skill tree of each party member, but it is inexorably lost in a poor and repetitive level design of the dungeons, with poorly balanced sections and a poorly maintained technical realization . In short, a niche title that comes from the Rising Sun a few months late and translated exclusively into English.


  • Great character development
  • Many hours of gameplay
  • Technically mediocre
  • Poor and poorly maintained dungeons
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