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La Scuf Instinct Pro review demonstrates how the market for controller professional is constantly evolving, aimed at making important improvements to devices based on feedback collected from users. This is the best way forward, without a doubt, and has resulted in this case Scuf Gaming to create a truly extraordinary product.

In purely aesthetic terms, Scuf Instinct Pro reproduces the features of the Xbox Series X | S controller, with only slightly smaller dimensions, but under the body - literally - it boasts a whole series of innovative and effective features, the result of a precise study aimed at improving in-game performance and putting powerful yet versatile solutions available to players.

Scuf Instinct Pro, front view

Of course, you pay for quality: Scuf Instinct Pro is available for purchase on the official Scuf Gaming website at a price which starts from € 219,99, and which provides a huge amount of extra customizations ranging from the color of the body to that of the buttons, from the characteristics of the interchangeable sticks to the finishes, from the d-pad to the back buttons and triggers, finally passing through the ability to remove vibration and thus reduce the weight of the device.

Those who want to save can opt for it Scuf Instinct, which starting from € 189,99 offers the same features as the Pro model with the only exception of the instant triggers (soon we will explain what they are) and the embossed finish to increase grip.

Hardware features

Scuf Instinct Pro held with one hand

Equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity (powered by two AA battery) or wired with a USB-C to USB-A cable, Scuf Instinct Pro is compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC with Windows 10 operating system, MacOS Catalina, iOS 10 and up and Android. The manufacturer's warranty lasts for 180 days.

The configuration of the analogs is obviously asymmetrical, since the device takes the features of the Xbox Series X | S controller, and also the location of the buttons is identical on the front of the joypad, with the only exception of a key DualSense-style extras that allow you to turn off the microphone headphones connected via 3,5mm jack or using the Xbox proprietary port. The latter makes the product compatible with official accessories.

Scuf Instinct Pro with faceplate removed

Remaining in the frontal area, the faceplate of Scuf Instinct Pro can be removed easily, being held in place by four small but powerful magnets. The operation must be performed to eventually replace the analog sticks, which are inserted in a very simple way in the respective mechanisms, and the d-pad, also fixed by a magnet. The model that was delivered to us for the test had two spare sticks, one high and concave and one high and convex, but as mentioned it is possible to buy different components based on your needs.

Let's move on to the rear area of ​​the controller, the most interesting one due to the many innovations introduced by Scuf Gaming. Beyond the rubberized finish that substantially improves the grip, it is possible to notice four large ones palette integrated into the design, very different from what we are used to seeing, and two selectors that are used to transform the triggers from analog to instantaneous.

Scuf Instinct Pro, the back with the detail of the selectors for the instant triggers

It is undoubtedly one of the most relevant features of Scuf Instinct Pro, able to give us an extra inspiration during competitive matches by canceling the systematic latency of the triggers and determining their activation with a simple and immediate click that seems that of a mouse, also from the acoustic point of view. Therefore, no extra components are needed to assemble: just turn the two independent selectors to obtain this transformation.

It can also be done during the game, using the middle fingers, but only to activate the instant triggers and not to perform the opposite maneuver: in that case you have to stop for a second and resort to the use of other fingers. In this regard, we would have preferred a different arrangement of the switches: with the instantaneous triggers activated they integrate into the design of the controller, while with the analog triggers they sprout a few millimeters and can be a bit annoying if you do not hold your fingers in correspondence of the four blades but higher up, in a relaxed position.

Speaking of the palettes, as mentioned, those of Scuf Instinct Pro adopt innovative and intuitive solutions, which allow you to act on these inputs without having to make strange movements. They are in fact located in the hollow between the handlebars and the central body of the controller, and must be operated with the middle fingers under pressure, that is, by squeezing the hand, or in extension, performing an opening movement. Interestingly, the designers adjusted the strength of the vanes to be the same regardless of the lesser force exerted in the second case.

Assigning specific commands to the palettes is very simple: just press the button for selecting the profile on the back of the controller and set the one we want to change among the three available, hold down the same button until the profile light flashes, then operate the palettes together to the buttons that we want to replicate on them and finally press the profile selection button again. An operation so fast that it is possible to carry out it even in the middle of a competitive match.

Scuf Instinct Pro data sheet

  • Analog designs: asymmetrical
  • Compatibility: Xbox (all), PC (Win 10), Mac (Catherine), iOS (10), Android
  • Connectivity: wireless (RF, Bluetooth), wired
  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries
  • Buttons: 17 more analog and d-pads
  • Replaceable parts: analog and d-pad
  • Programmable: yes, three profiles
  • Ports: USB-C, Xbox expansion port, 3,5mm audio jack
  • dimensions: 168 x 108 x 53 millimeters
  • Weight: 280 grams


Scuf Instinct Pro seen from the side

As mentioned at the beginning, the design of Scuf Instinct Pro reproduces very faithfully that of the Xbox Series X | S controller, with almost identical dimensions and differences determined solely by the many aesthetic customizations available at the time of purchase, as well as by a couple of silkscreens placed at the ends that reproduce the Scuf logo and the name of the product.

Going into detail, the measures of the controller are equal to 168 x 108 x 53mm, for a weight of 280 grams.

In our case we received a model that can remember the design and colors of white faceplate, buttons with black / orange combination, the rings surrounding the analogs also orange and all the black buttons: one configuration that costs a total of € 236,96, and which undoubtedly boasts an essential, modern and stylish aesthetic.

Experience of use

Scuf Instinct Pro, an official photo with the detail of the side screen printing

We tried Scuf Instinct Pro on PC and Xbox Series S, immediately finding excellent ergonomics, ideal weight and indisputable build quality. Sensations that we had already experienced at the time of the Scuf Impact review, a couple of years ago, but emphasized in this case by the many innovations introduced by the manufacturer.

The ability to memorize different profiles depending on the game it is in fact a great thing, as well as the speed with which it is possible to set a new association or switch from analog triggers to instantaneous ones, which actually make a big difference in shooters, going to improve reaction times by reducing the input latency.

Back 4 Blood, the characters explore a forest at night

Scuf Instinct Pro su Xbox

Scuf Instinct Pro can be used on Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One just like the official Microsoft controller, and connects in the same way, using RF wireless technology or the supplied cable. During our test we tested the device with some of the titles belonging to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, in particular Back 4 Blood (here the review) and Gears 5 (here the review) but also the battle royale Fortnite and the driving game Forza Horizon 4.

In all cases the Scuf Instinct Pro proved to be an excellent product, very comfortable and precise, able to return a premium-grade experience and provide important support in competitive contexts thanks to instant triggers and programmable vanes, which allow you to immediately perform actions that would otherwise have required you to lift your fingers from the triggers or analogs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a multiplayer combat sequence

Scuf Instinct Pro su PC

If you own a gaming PC with Windows 10, you can connect Scuf Instinct Pro in seconds via Bluetooth or use the cable or, again, the official Xbox receiver. In addition to testing the controller with the same Xbox titles via Game Pass, we also tried the competitive multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (review here) and Apex Legends (review here), enjoying both ways. of the greater reactivity guaranteed by instant triggers.

We also had the opportunity to try the device within single player experiences, such as the open world action Assassin's Creed Valhalla (review here), the engaging adventure A Plague Tale: Innocence (review here) and the frenetic DOOM. Eternal (review here), always confirming the quality and reliability of the product.


Price 219,99 €


Scuf Instinct Pro is an excellent professional controller, undoubtedly expensive but able to offer extraordinary quality and many innovative and effective features. We are talking about a device capable of really changing the gaming experience, especially in competitive areas, thanks to the instant triggers that can be activated on the fly and the vanes integrated into the design, comfortable to use and programmable in a few moments through the three available profiles.


  • Excellent quality and design, many customizations
  • Instant triggers make a difference
  • Palettes integrated into the design and programmable on the fly
  • It costs a lot
  • Use AA batteries and not a rechargeable pack
  • The small rear dials can make your fingers uncomfortable
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