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La Scuf Impact review, controller professional manufactured by Scuf Gaming, invites us to discover a lively niche made up of extreme customizations, high quality standards and prices well above the average compared to normal joypads. In fact, we are talking about a product that starts from the form factor of the traditional DualShock 4 and modifies it in different ways, inflating the design a little to make it similar to the Xbox counterpart and increasing its consistency in the face, however, of an extraordinary grip guaranteed by the textures. embossed at the bottom of the device.

It is a further element custom for a fee, which together with the colorful Pow3r finish, the EMR magnetic key and the adjustable triggers carries the price of the controller we tested at € 216,85. A very respectable figure, which can be filed by opting for one of the standard liveries (starting from € 149,95) and perhaps giving up something; but without changing the basic concept of this line too much, created to satisfy any desire not only aesthetic but also practical by the most demanding and passionate players.

Design and ergonomics

There is no doubt that, among the many designs available for the Scuf Impact, the variant Pow3r is one of the most extravagant. The colorful aesthetic of the controller is reminiscent of the pop artist's works Keith Haring and looks like a mix of graffiti of all shades: impossible not to notice it.

Among the peculiarities of the device there are the main keys completely black, therefore without the PlayStation symbols, while on the back we find four removable palettes that reproduce the functions of the default buttons for faster access in certain contexts, in particular with shooters, without having to let go of the sticks. Palette functions can be remapped using a magnetic key EMR, also optional (costs € 14,95): the procedure is extremely simple and immediate, so much so that if you want you can also perform it on the fly during a game.

There is no micro USB cable in the package, but you can use any one to recharge the device exactly as you do with the DualShock, also enjoying aautonomy quite similar.

Once gripped, the controller communicates a great feeling of solidity and build quality. THE trigger they have a slightly rough edge and are light, identical to those Sony (replace them with style triggers Xbox One, yes that would have been revolutionary), but in the box there is a replacement pair with longer appendages by default. Also here, if desired, you can opt for the upgrade: with € 16,95 you can add the version with adjustable stroke or, for the same amount, take the completely digital ones, perfect for shooters but not for the titles they use. the gradual pressure in any way, see driving games for example.

The version we tested had adjustable triggers, so by turning a small mechanism with the special key you could change the reactivity of the input. The main buttons are identical to those of the device PS4 original, and the same can be said for touch pads and analog sticks. In short, you will in no way have the feeling that you are using a "worse" version of the DualShock 4: it is the minimum, considering the size of the investment, but we wanted to emphasize it.

Returning to the sticks, a small plastic adapter is always included in the Scuf Impact package that allows you to extract the levers to eventually replace them with different versions, perhaps higher or lower, with concave or convex ends. Yes, to be purchased separately.


How long will the Scuf Impact controller last in the long run? Difficult to say after a couple of weeks, but according to the official website, those who purchase the device enjoy a twelve-month warranty on the palettes, which represent the most delicate component, and six months on everything else. Of course, only defects that are not caused by improper use of the product are covered.

Road test

The Scuf Impact is compatible with both PS4 and PC, just like the standard Sony controller, so we've been testing it on both platforms for some time.

The starting point in both cases was Apex Legends: Respawn Entertainment's battle royale brings the gameplay traditional of Titanfall in a new context, that of large-scale competitive battles, with a fairly long time to kill that is however supported by a very frenetic and dynamic approach to action, made up of jumps and slides, short bursts of precision and a pinch of strategy.

In this context, the possibility of being able to adjust the functions of the pad come back damn useful and so after a few test games you can turn into deadly death machines, without the constraints that players with a normal controller must necessarily submit. . You do not become competitive at the level of gaming mouse and keyboard, of course, but the improvement over the normal DualShock is quite evident.

The Scuf Impact is designed for competition, but clearly also performs well in single player experiences like that of DOOM: the shooter of Id Software, with its run & gun gameplay, finds great benefit from customizations available and it is therefore possible to face the campaign at the highest difficulty levels, finding spaces and opportunities in firefights that were previously difficult to see.

Finally, the test with Fortnite is required: the blockbuster of epic Games has grown a lot with the tenth season and many things have changed since the beginning, but in the duels from the medium and short distance the possibility of using a professional controller makes all the difference in the world.


Tested version PlayStation 4, PC Windows Price 149,95 €


Scuf Impact represents at this time the most complete and sophisticated expression of professional controllers for PS4. We are talking about a line of solid and well-built devices, equipped with an extreme level of customization that nevertheless pays off and also well if we consider the starting price but above all the final price of the product, once elements such as the advanced grip, the EMR key have been added. to modify the input of the palettes and possibly the adjustable triggers. The in-game difference, however, is clear: if you want to invest a certain amount of money in a pro controller and you care about certain aspects, the choice is mandatory.


  • Advanced features
  • Solid, precise, well built
  • Extreme customization
  • Very high price
  • Triggers no better than standard ones
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