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    Screenshot on Galaxy J3 2017 | Simple method

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    Screenshot on Galaxy J3 2017. How to screenshot on Galaxy J3 2017. In this guide we are going to know how to take a screenshot on galaxy j3 2017. Save the screenshot on the Galaxy J3 2017 it's very simple.

    Just today you need to know how take a screenshot on your new Galaxy J3 2017, but you don't know how. One screenshot sul Galaxy J3 2017 it can be very useful in certain situations.

    You just made a new highscore with a game, or you need to save a web page, don't worry, no problem. Below are two simple methods for save a screenshot on your Galaxy J3 2017.

    save the display to your Galaxy J5 2017 you will have to keep two buttons pressed and the content of your screen will be saved in the form of an image that you will find in the image gallery.

    Screenshot on Galaxy J3 2017 | Simple method

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    Step 1 :Open an application or a game or anything for take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy J3 2017.

    Step 2 :Now, you need to use a key combination. Just press and hold the power button and Home button together.

    3 phase: A sound will be emitted. Your screenshot was done perfectly!

    Then we have at our disposal the Quick screenshot application, which after capturing the screenshot also allows you to edit it, with a few simple clicks. You don't need to have root permissions on your device.

    [appbox googleplay com.enlightment.screenshot]

    That's all there is to know about how to take a screenshot on Galaxy J3 2017.

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