Screen lock on Samsung Galaxy A32, how to disable

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It only takes a few moments to turn off screen lock on Samsung Galaxy A32. To remove the screen lock on Samsung Galaxy A32, launch the Settings app and go to the lock screen tab. Removing your screen lock may be convenient, but it will put all your personal data at risk.

Smartphone owners all complain about the same problem, and that is when the phone goes dark and goes to sleep. It forces users to unlock the device again, wasting time and nerves. To solve this problem, you need to disable screen lock on Samsung Galaxy A32, using one of the methods provided by the manufacturer.

How to protect the privacy of your Android phone

Disable the screen lock on Samsung Galaxy A32 by turning on Smart Lock

As a first method to disable the screen lock, it is suggested to activate the Smart Lock function. It is available on all modern devices running Android, including Samsung Galaxy A32. With this option activated the phone does not unlock the screen in the following cases:

  • Physical contact. When the device is in the hands of the owner;
  • Safe places. When he is in a special position;
  • Reliable devices. When it is near certain gadgets;
  • Voice correspondence. Voice unlock.

To activate the Smart Lock function, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Samsung Galaxy A32 settings.
  2. Go to the section «Lock screen and security», then - «Smart Lock».
  3. Select and configure the smart lock option of your choice.

Disabling the screen lock

If the owner of the device is completely sure of his safety and that no one will have access to the phone, he can completely disable the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy A32.

  1. Open your smartphone settings.
  2. Go to the «Lock screen and security» section.
  3. In the sub-item «Screen lock» set the value «No».

Now the user no longer needs to enter the password or pattern or put their finger on the fingerprint scanner. At the same time, disabling the lock screen does not cancel the transition to sleep mode after a certain period of time.

Disable sleep mode on Samsung Galaxy A32

As a rule, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A32 goes dark by itself because the option to go to sleep mode is activated in the device settings. The problem is solved in two ways:

  • Increase the waiting time;
  • Disable the function.

In any case, any changes must be made via the smartphone settings:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Open the "Lock screen and security" section.
  3. Open the «Screen timeout» tab.
  4. Choose the value you need.

The names of some menu items may be different depending on the firmware version. For this reason, "Screen" or "Lock and security" is used instead of the section "Lock screen and security".

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