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Associating a football simulation with the mobile context is obviously not easy, and this is demonstrated by the fact that real football video games in this environment have not been seen more than many, in fact. Therefore, alternative solutions are found, which can be better associated with a control system that for a title with fast dynamics is largely inadequate: the managerial structure, with its rhythmic rhythm and the use of menus, is probably the most appropriate in this regard. context, but there is also a particular declination of football that has been tested and now well tested by First Touch Games and which represents an excellent variant on the theme. This is the particular "turn-based" football of the Score series! which evolves further with this new chapter entitled Score! Match.

Precisely, in this new version the peculiar mechanics developed previously is also joined by that managerial element that is so well associated with use on mobile platforms, and the mixture that comes out is quite convincing, only to get stuck on what are a bit the chronic defects of this game system. As for the mechanics of the gameplay itself, therefore, we do not differ much from what Score offered! Hero already three years ago, but Match takes everything to a new level not only in terms of technical advances made on the graphics sector but also on the organization of the team and on the disposition of the players on the field, giving a little additional thickness to the dynamic one. engaging game at first but actually quite flat in the long run. However, being able to challenge players from all over the world always makes some online comparisons stimulating and it is therefore easy to come back to Score! Match on several occasions, perhaps in sessions that are not too long. Being a free-to-play, everything is obviously filtered through a complex system of micro-transactions that can easily trap the most addicted player, but that up to a certain point do not seem to force the hand on the wallet.

Football at your fingertips

On the pitch, the mechanics remain that typical of the Score! Series, with the action that stops at the moment of passing or shooting, requiring us to trace the trajectory of the ball, being careful not to let us intercept the ball or beat the goalkeeper in the case of a conclusion to the net. It is an extremely simple but also satisfying game solution and the evolutions imparted to the modeling of the characters and the animations increase the sense of satisfaction in seeing an action unfold just the way you would like through simple strokes on the touch screen. The main problem always remains the general uncertainty that characterizes the game mechanism, in particular with regard to the behavior of the goalkeepers and the way in which the players deploy on the field, given that the user's control over the action in the end remains. very limited. In the defensive phase you can simply "call" a slide that arrives only when it is possible, with the contrasts that occur randomly hoping for the right defensive movements by the CPU, while the direction imposed by the "cone" in which to make the passage or shot doesn't allow you to customize the attack action that much.

Even team management does not allow you to deepen much of the tactics of the game on the pitch, but in this area the collecting drive takes over more than anything else, and this always works quite well. Taking up a bit of the new sticker trend seen in FIFA Ultimate Team, even in Score! Match it is possible to win new players, with their different roles and characteristics, to be included in the team, as well as being able to enhance the players with bonuses. The progression in the game is marked by the continuous conquest of rewards that allow you to strengthen your team and expand the player park, although everything necessarily passes through the classic expectations that characterize the free-to-play structure. For basic actions, such as participating in a game or applying power-ups, the in-game coin is required, but the most valuable material is gems, which can be earned by winning games or bought in packs in the game. internal store. With these we can both buy new and rich bonus boxes or eliminate the waiting times for the opening of those conquered by playing, which can be a strong temptation for the compulsive player but which should not tangere too much those who try their hand in sessions. play not too long and therefore do not disdain any waiting.


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Playing Score! Match comes to think that the game solution developed by First Touch may represent a bit of the translation of good old Subbuteo in digital format, and it adds a certain sense of nostalgia to the game action. The mechanics are always the same as previously seen, and they work very well immediately, only to give way a little to the distortions that can emerge from a semi-automated system. The strong uncertainty that guides the choices of the players managed by the CPU is a fundamental element of the game to which one must submit and therefore one cannot expect great depth in the construction of actions and tactics. Score! Match is based rather on the simple exaltation of the moment, when drawing the right trajectory for a through ball or an unattainable shot for the goalkeeper.


  • Always intuitive and enjoyable gameplay
  • Minor improvements in mechanics and graphics
  • Team management added
  • In the field, it changes very little from its predecessors
  • Always a bit random due to the automatic handling
  • The micro-transaction system begins to get intrusive
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