Saints Row IV (4): how to find the big pink toy [360-PS3-PC]

Saints Row IV (4): how to find the big pink toy [360-PS3-PC]


Let's avoid easy jokes, sarcasms, sneers, double entenders, let's avoid everything that can be avoided and let's get straight to the point: in this guide we explain how to find the Pen at Rator  that, yes, the developers had the enormous pleasure of including (... yet I had a great start) also in Saints Row IV.

Yes, the bat in the shape of a fake giant pirulo, the weapon that no one would ever have hoped to see in a video game, can also be unlocked and used in this new chapter of the game.

To get this secret weapon (but ask Ruby, how secret it is) just go and find it in a hidden cave.

Go to the island at the top left of the map, head to the area in the far south of the island. Here is a bridge that connects this island to the central part of the map, the cave is located below, to the left of the entrance to the bridge. Inside you will immediately find your precious prize.

The location is show in this video. Have fun, but don't overdo it !!!!

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