Saints Row 4: Unlock Secret Vehicles [Gat Mobile and Flying Broom]

Saints Row 4: Unlock Secret Vehicles [Gat Mobile and Flying Broom]


As we have seen in the succession of dedicated guides (consult the Saints Row 4 tricks and guides tab for more details) in this new chapter of the craziest video game series, there are so many things to unlock.

Among these there are also some secret vehicles that it would be easy to get lost among the hundreds of activities to do within the game, but that are really worth trying at least once before moving on to a better life.


Where to find the GAT Mobile

The GAT Mobile is as hippie as it is devastating. In fact, on the front it mounts a nice flamethrower with which you can set fire to practically everything while running around the streets of the city. Here is a video showing where you can find the GAT Mobile on the map

Where to find the Salem broom

Yes, it is her, or so it seems. This vehicle is very reminiscent of the brooms used by Harry Potter to play quidditch (or by the witch, for those who are not very familiar with that evil dwarf four-eyed). If you want you can use one too, just climb the Tower located in the Rosen Oaks area of ​​the map. Here is a video showing where to find the flying broom.

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