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When we talk about RPG in the mobile field, several productions of great value come to mind, but also an approach to the freemium model strongly oriented towards monetization. In fact, it usually happens that games belonging to this trend turn out to be very spectacular and enjoyable during the first hours, only to suddenly change their degree of difficulty to push the user to make purchases that can give him the strength enough to move forward, holding his own to increasingly shrewd and resistant opponents.

Well, Rogue Wizards represents the proverbial exception that confirms the rule: if the PC version of the title developed by Spellbind Studios is sold on Steam at a price of 14,99 euros, on the App Store the download is free and there are no particularly limiting mechanisms. This means, as you will have understood, that you can explore the randomly generated dungeons of the system more or less indefinitely, acquiring more and more valuable loots, more powerful weapons and new equipment during our expeditions. The character that is created at the beginning of the game (but there are three slots available in all) will find himself completing a short tutorial and then will be projected into a large hub where you can upgrade, buy or sell items, enhance your spells and so on. Street. Once ready, he can open the map and choose a destination for his next adventure.

Dragons and dungeons

The first thing that strikes you about Rogue Wizards is undoubtedly the excellent graphics, which boasts not only a pleasant and successful design for the characters, represented with a cartoon style, but also guessed and surprising solutions for the representation of the scenarios, which " they appear "from the bottom as we move from one" box "to another. The exploration phase is clearly free from constraints and we are allowed to open chests (having the right amount of keys, however), break trunks, collect objects and open doors that lead to corridors or other rooms. However, when an enemy appears, you switch to a turn-based system that significantly influences the outcome of the clashes: the cutting or slashing weapons allow you to hit the opponent only from an adjacent square, so it may be necessary to skip a turn for the enemy to position himself close during his move and thus be able to hit him first.


Otherwise, you can resort to ranged weapons or spells, such as the fireball of the first levels: equipped with devastating power, it clears away the monsters that we can meet along the way, but the shots available are few and therefore you have to collect new ones or buy them in the shop in order not to be without them. Each dungeon has multiple levels of depth, which also imply a progressively greater degree of challenge, but don't expect monsters to be particularly bright in their attack and movement patterns. After completing the exploration we will be able to use a portal to return to the starting hub, refuel, upgrade the upgradeable, manage the equipment and embark on a new adventure. Structurally Rogue Wizards therefore arises as a rather simple product, but there is great depth in the gameplay, the campaign is really long and, as mentioned, the freemium model does not pose limiting conditions: you can play for free without particular problems, as long as being able to cope with hordes of fairly cunning enemies.


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Rogue Wizards is a very beautiful RPG to look at, but also quite deep and multifaceted. Once our wizard has been created, we will be able to try our hand at a large number of increasingly complex missions and use the resources of the hub to manage and upgrade the equipment, all without particular constraints from the point of view of freemium mechanisms. The solutions adopted by the development team for the generation of the dungeons, their graphic representation and the turn-based combat system convince from the very beginning, and in the course of the adventure they only reveal more goodies, all to be discovered. If you like the genre, the download is definitely recommended.


  • Lots of missions, lots of items
  • Simple yet multifaceted gameplay
  • It is played for free without any problems
  • Don't expect refined artificial intelligence
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