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The dice technique

Comment on the purely technical aspect of this "Risk! Digital”Would be rather merciless. To criticize the sparse and poor graphics, albeit functional, or the essential and monotonous sound, albeit at times refined (very nice, at least at the beginning, the fact that, for example, fighting in the territories of Yakutia you will hear the hiss of the icy Siberian wind ), it would be too simple and short-sighted.
In fact, with a view to a videogame transposition as faithful as possible to the original boxed game, it is only necessary to note how much the feeling and style of the original "RisiKo!" have been maintained. This, if many can only make them turn up their noses, others will only be able to recall even more the atmosphere of the smoky evenings in the tavern spent in the name of the most free and wild curse.
The design of the game interface deserves a separate discussion. Especially during the first games there will be a need to get used to it a bit, once you get used to it, however, it will be impossible not to notice how nothing has been left to chance and how, except for rare occasions, it is possible to have a immediate status of the situation with a few clicks of the mouse if not with a single glance at our monitor.
During each moment of the game, it will then be possible to consult the game statistics to check which was the most tenacious player, the luckiest or the most spendthrift. From the initially rather abstruse logic and at least accessory utility those numbers will not fail, however, to make all the most avid players and all lovers of numbers in general rejoice.

The risk of death

The initial menu of "Risk! Digital”It is clear right away: we can play against the computer in two different ways or we can throw ourselves headlong into the mare nostrum of the great network. Another possibility, actually quite useless in our opinion, is the fact of being able to attend a game played entirely from the computer with the only possibility of being spectators. This mode called "Arena" will be used, for the most part, by those who want to test the virtual characters created using the special editor provided with the game or by those who wish to make their creatures collide with those of their friends: a kind of "Robot Wars" strategic in short.
By setting the advanced level of difficulty, in fact, we will be able to choose the playing style of our computerized opponents ourselves and, if the predefined personalities do not suit us, we will be able, as already mentioned, to always create new ones thanks to the useful personality editor. included directly with the game.
If at a basic level beating the computer could prove, especially for veterans, too easy by virtue of Banzai tactics or at least quite "stubborn" (like: I attack you until you give me my favorite territory) we will notice instead how challenging opponents with more advanced AI are really difficult to win. We can confidently say that the more "intelligent" computer gamers implemented by "Risk! Digital”Far exceed the average of real human players.
The game board is that of the classic "Risiko!" (No FutuRisiko or similar amenities therefore) and we will be able to play, according to our needs, both the classic rules and the tournament rules of the so-called "RisiKo! Prestige".

Let's go together

Multiplayer is certainly the true soul of the game. This is because, however well thought out artificial intelligence may turn out to be, you will soon get tired of being relegated to simple duels against virtual opponents and, instead, you will be looking forward to clashing with hundreds (thousands?) Of other enthusiasts in a Ladder. (also called ranking), calculated in full tennis style, which can not fail to whet the desire to compete with the best players of "RisiKo!".
The network code seems to have been optimized even for slow connections, so much so that even with a poor 33 Kb modem you can enjoy the pleasures of multiplayer games. The structure of the matches, then, has been designed so that, even in the case of problems with one of the participants involved in the current match, the match does not have to be canceled, as the computer itself will take care of preparing and using, to as much as possible, the player's troops suddenly disconnected.
Another very welcome feature is the fact that, in case of loss of the connection, it will still be possible to re-enter the game and take back the reins of your own miniature army. Too bad that, from time to time, the games on the net suffer sudden and really inexplicable blocks. It may therefore happen that you have to leave a game due to the loss of synchrony of one of the participants during the "roll of the dice" making it impossible to leave the current session and forcing all players to reset the game.
It is also a pity that it is not possible to organize Hot-Seat games (several players in turn on the same PC) or on a local network: in short, no evenings with friends in front of the PC. In order to offer a service as simple and complete as possible, in fact, the developers have chosen the path of managing everything through their game server and the website which, albeit very small, will remind someone of the famous BattleNet. by Blizzard.
Also really appreciated is the convenient and very simple in-game chat with which it will be impossible not to engage in pleasant discussions with other players.
On balance, the Multiplayer part can be considered promoted without hesitation.

The last words

Who wrote this review is a big fan of "RisiKo!" and boardgames in general. This, even if at first glance it might seem an obvious how trivial and gross error, however, is only a clue to the fact that this title was designed, above all, for those who are already accustomed to the original game. To reinforce this thesis, it is enough to point out how, reading the game manual, you notice the almost absolute lack of description of the game rules of "Risk!". There are more or less detailed indications on the use of the Software but there is almost never mention, for example, of the tournament rules.
"Risk! Digital”Offers, therefore, the best (if not the only) opportunity to play the timeless classic of the same name on our monitors. If you love "RisiKo!" original you will not be able not to do the small hours challenging other fans on the Internet and you will not be able to refrain from doing, perhaps during the lunch break, a quick game against the computer. If you don't like "RisiKo!" or you are simply looking for more game depth then you should go back to playing Civilization or "Europa Universalis". But then, let's face it: how many, having the opportunity to try it, have had the courage not to fall in love with this playful jewel?
Have you never tried RisiKo? Then I suggest you get invited by some of your friends and try it with the excuse of spending a nice evening with friends. Everything else will come by itself… guaranteed.

The last words


  • It's Risiko! No more, no less
  • Fun and well done (despite some uncertainty) the multiplayer section
  • You will never lose track of your armies again!

  • It is not possible to play multiplayer games neither on the same computer nor in LAN
  • Audiographically bland
  • For many it might seem too simplistic

A question of tankers

In the beginning there was the plastic tank. Of different colors but always of the same shape, the wagon can meet together with others of the same race (and color) to become, once a certain degree of metaphysical aggregation has been reached, a flag.
Carroarmatini and flags are the means by which the desire to achieve one's goals is manifested: world domination as we know it today. Almost.
"RisiKo!" it is this and much more. One of the best known and most played board games, perhaps second only to the equally mythical Monopoly, "RisiKo!" has managed to attract the attention of millions of fans: from the casual player to the more attentive and shrewd one. Because if it is true that dice are dice and luck does not look anyone in the face, "RisiKo!" He always manages to give us the impression that, despite that "cursed bad luck", we could have changed the course of the game by implementing a more cautious tactic or a more refined strategic approach.
After dozens of more or less successful imitations "RisiKo!" sees, always at the hands of the legendary Games Publisher, its own digital incarnation that could not fail to be called "Risk! Digital".

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