Riddler's Trials Solution, how to get the keys

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Batman Arkham Knight: Guide / Walkthrough Riddler Trials, All Keys [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's see how to overcome all the tests of the Riddler.

Riddler's Trials Solution, how to get the keys

In Batman Arkham Knight there are 10 Riddler Trials, by completing them we will unlock 11 different achievements / trophies and we will get two skill points for each completed trial.

How to complete the 10 trials
These tests are all part of the "Riddler's Revenge" side quest which you will get automatically in the early stages of the game. Remember that to be able to face these tests you DO NOT need the Riddler's Trophies but you will still have to find if you want to complete this mission and lock the Riddler to the police station (we will dedicate a separate guide to the Riddler's trophies).

To begin the 10 tests you simply have to go to the starting point, completing one unlocks the next, so they must be done in the exact order in which we propose them in this guide. It is possible to do them even after completing the game.

Here are gods videos showing exactly where they are and how to complete all the tests of Batman Arkham Knigth's Riddler. This new journey alongside the Dark Knight has just begun, check out the cheats and guides tab of Batman Arkham Knight to discover other useful guides on this game.

First Riddler Trial: Unlock "The Road to Hell"

Second Riddler Trial: Unlock "Puzzle Pieces"

Third Riddler Trial: Unlock "The Bat and the Kitten"

Fourth Riddler Trial: Unlock "The Furious Riddler"

Fifth Riddler Test: Unlock "Point blank question"

Sixth Riddler Trial: Unlock "The Primal Riddle"

Seventh Riddler Trial: Unlock "A Well-Designed Death"

Eighth Riddler Trial: Unlock "The Puzzle Factory"

Ninth Riddler Trial: Unlock "Lethal Pursuit"

Tenth Riddler Trial: Unlock "Seven Lives"

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