Restart the Galaxy A5 (2017) in Recovery Mode

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Today we talk about how reboot the Galaxy A5 (2017) into Recovery Mode. Let's find out exactly how you can access the Recovery Mode sul vostro Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) through this quick and easy lesson.

The recovery installed on your phone hosts advanced functions not available directly to a normal user. These features include, factory reset, useful features for updates, cache clearing and much more.

As this mode is not intended for use by the average consumer, this feature cannot be accessed from within the phone's normal operating system. You need a combination of buttons to restart the system in recovery mode.

Also, even if you have a custom recovery installed, the procedure is exactly the same. Many of you may have TWRP or ClockworkMod custom recovery installed.

Using this function, you can restart your device with both recoveries. A custom recovery can be useful because it allows you to install a custom ROM, create a backup and even format your phone.

After installing a custom recovery and receiving root permissions, through TWRP you can update your Galaxy A5 (2017) with the latest Android update via a custom rom and also install Google applications called Gapps.

Now enough with the explanations and let's see how to restart the Galaxy A5 (2017) in Recovery Mode.

Restart the Galaxy A5 (2017) in Recovery Mode

Phase 1 - Turn off the phone.

Phase 2 - Now press and hold the following buttons for a few seconds, all at the same time: Power + Volume Up + Home.

Phase 3 - After a few seconds, you should see a blue screen with an Android bot and a message saying, “Installing software update” (don't worry, nothing will be installed).

Phase 4 - After about 10 seconds, you will see a blue screen for one second, with a large '!'.

Phase 5 - Next, you will see the Recovery Mode screen on the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017).

At this point it is possible to navigate in the recovery using the volume buttons to select and power to confirm!

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