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    Resident Evil 7 - Guide to Ancient Coins in Asylum Mode

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    Resident Evil 7, in itself already represents one challenge not indifferent, not only from the point of view of the game structure, but, at least in the first run, from that emotional. Certainly the love for this genre of video games transcends this type of introspective trifles, transposing everything, at times, under the guise of a challenge all personal to be able to deal with every time and even in extremely conditions prohibitive. For all the players who have been over the years forged from this kind of interaction here Capcom entered a mode very particular: the asylum mode. Selecting it at the beginning of a run you will again be catapulted into the events we know, but this time everything will come modified, and made it more complicated. We are not just talking about the general pitfalls, but also about the position of the various objects and weapons obtainable and collectible during the run, first of all the ancient coins.

    Over the course of the Resident Evil 7 storyline it is possible to collect the aforementioned coins, these are scattered throughout the game and it's always good sign the various places where you can find them. Why? Because they can be used in exchange for weaponry and various other things. In the asylum mode, however, it is good to remember that all the places in which these are usually traceable are inexorably changed. Another notable change is that there will be many in the "asylum" more possibilities exchange with coins, and then it will be possible to get some important things in the early stages adventure, always at the discretion of those who are playing. This guide therefore, the goal of indicate all the places where it is possible to find the various ancient coins obtainable in the aforementioned mode.

    Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Resident Evil 7, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by Capcom. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

    Where and how to find Ancient Coins in Resident Evil 7 in Asylum Mode 

    After starting the videotape present in Guest House, on the first floor, in the living room, turn around, go back and analyze the Plot. There you will find a lockpick which will come in handy for later. Following the various events, follow the others until you reach the kitchen, here move towards the drawer locked on one side, in front of the sink and open it using the pick from before. After the next cut, go back to the kitchen and reopen the same drawer, inside there will be an ancient coin waiting for you.

    In the room (countryside house.) in which the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 wakes up for the first time in the Main House, look for a little one jar on the TV cabinet. Inside there will be an ancient coin.

    Following the confrontation with Jack Baker go up the steps, look to your left and in that area you will find an ancient coin.

    Upon reaching, for the first time in this run of Resident Evil 7, the main hall, turn left towards the table located in the corner. There will be an ancient coin there.

    Inside the recreation room, when you have crossed its entrance, focus your attention on a jar near the door of the scorpion. In that specific vase you will find an ancient coin.

    When you are in the Main House of this Resident Evil 7, move to the top of the stairs destroyed on the second floor, and then take a look behind the frame of the painting in Zone. An ancient coin hides there.

    This ancient coin is found in bathroom present in the living room of the main room.

    When you are in the incinerator room take a good look around with the aim of finding one dish yellow, placed under a stretcher. There is an ancient coin on it.

    As you move into the corridor leading to the door of the snake, which in turn leads to a well-known area of ​​Resident Evil 7, pay attention to the presence of a cart metallic. There is an ancient coin on it.

    Even in dissection room there is an ancient coin. Precisely it is located in one box.

    In the garden, in the caravan area, you will find a piece metal that can be moved. Try to to crawl inside the hole to hold an ancient coin between your fingers.

    Once you reach the Old house it will be possible to obtain an ancient coin by reaching the bridge present outside the dining room, precisely on the left side of the structure.

    It will also be possible to find an ancient coin in the gallery in the Old House, precisely under a table distinguished by the presence of various boxes.

    After crossing the Wall painted with the spider, look to your left to notice an ancient coin resting on some boards.

    Following the various events of the Resident Evil 7 plot that will lead you to theAltar In the Old House, move to the ladder with a lantern, following the goal of locating a table positioned over there. You will find an antique coin in a drawer of this cabinet.

    As soon as you have crossed the passage leading to the greenhouse, look to your left for a speaker. Above it will be an ancient coin.

    After addressing the boss present in the greenhouse, go back downstairs and go through the gate. Now look for a bank gives lavoro green color with an ancient coin on it.

    A coin can also be obtained by simply crossing the crow's door.

    In the Main House, after going up towards the attic, on some shelves of metal on your right you will find a coin.

    Following the Lucas, important to the plot of Resident Evil 7, in the test area, look for the table behind the television, to find a coin.

    After passing the room with the bombs, look for one cage which contains the head of a mannequin inside. There will be a coin there.

    Go through the corridor leading to the party room and go down a staircase going past 2 boxes. In a angle dark there will be an ancient coin waiting for you.

    After meeting with the Molded present in aisle test area, move to a closet fraught with traps. Here, in a drawer of the workbench, there is an ancient coin.

    Following the discovery of the charred corpse marked with a piece of paper attached to it, go through the next door looking for one shelf that will be in front of your path. There will be an ancient coin in plain sight.

    Go through the doors in the Laundry of the ship, the ancient coin in question is in one washing machine positioned extremely to the right.

    Starting from room floor of the ship, go down the stairs until you find a door in front of you locked. The coin is at the bottom.

    On the second floor of the ship, in the corridor located outside the room where you can save, you find the coin.

    Once you reach the dining room present in the ship, look for a small room nearby. In this there will be a little jar with the coin inside.

    As soon as you get hold of some corrosive, go to the control room on the third floor of the ship, and dissolve the lock of the door present there. Continue to find an ancient coin in the corner.

    Try to reach the level S2 of the ship. Here you exit the elevator and continue to the engine room. The coin is on the floor to the right of the door. 

    -Following the clash with the Fat Molded, go back to the destroyed engine room. Inside you will notice a safe. Use the corrosive to open it and take possession of the coin kept inside.

    When you are in the shoes of Ethan in the ship you will be able to reach a room marked by a fence. As you move to the right you will notice an antique coin on a nearby desk.

    In the area of swamp, precisely in the one where you will have to interact with a log, pay attention to the water nearby. In those depths an ancient coin is hidden.

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