Resident Evil 7: Guide to Alternate Endings [Best and Worst Ending]

Resident Evil 7: Guide to Alternate Endings [Best and Worst Ending]


In this guide we see what they are and how to get the different alternative endings of Resident Evil 7.

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Surely you already know that Resident Evil 7 Biohazard boasts multiple endings. As in many other games that include different endings, even in the new chapter of the horror saga of Capcom you can get a good ending and a bad one, obviously depending on your choices. Each of the two endings is also linked to an Objective / Trophy of the game, so if you want to get the Platinum you must complete the story at least a couple of times.


How to get the Good ending (white ending, best ending) of Resident Evil 7

At the end of the game get your hands on a couple of doses of serum to heal the mutated characters. At some point you will have only one dose left and this is where you will find yourself faced with a really difficult choice: save your wife Mia or save Zoe Baker. In order to get the best ending you need to save Mia. Both of you will then be rescued by the Umbrella Corporation, unlock the "End of the Night - Get the Ending 1" Trophy. In the video above you can see this ending.

How to get the Bad ending (black ending, worst ending) of Resident Evil 7

If, on the other hand, your choice falls on Zoe, you will leave your wife with a promise to save her. Unfortunately Zoe will be killed anyway, and afterwards you will also have to face your wife Mia who, as was easily predictable, is more pissed than ever. The epilogue you can easily imagine, the worst ending, you will unlock the trophy "Just a memory - Get the ending 2". In the video above you can see this ending.

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