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Resident Evil 6, of which you read the review for Switch it was not a memorable title, not surprisingly with the next episode Capcom opted for a reboot. It was a strange time, when Japan was still running, stumbling behind the West and the franchise still had to serve the bonus played with the fifth chapter, controversial but successful at the box office. Capcom therefore decided not only to continue on that line, but to increase the weight on the scale, providing a product that is certainly rich in quantity but poor in style and general quality. A version then arrives on the Nintendo Switch remastered and enriched with that very action and little horror construct, an edition already released on other consoles but for the first time portable. The scope of this operation is more interesting than the sum of its individual parts: with this release package, Capcom ensures almost all of its numbered saga on Switch in what could be the ideal bridge to a new episode.

Resident Evil 6, in any case, is not a bad title and certainly shows a great commitment in the production phase, less in the realization phase: the pleasure of seeing Leon e chris on the Switch screen it is soiled by an excessive action polarization that seems almost a parody of itself. The beginning of the game is the perfect embodiment of this concept so fashionable at the time but badly aged: a riot of explosions, firefights, bullets, destruction and quick-time events that in a few minutes reveal so much almost forced spectacularity. , without a real overview, resulting in a punch in the stomach for those who start the software hoping to enjoy a bit of authorship.

Portable action

From an action perspective, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi's product responds well to the call: with four main stories, additional modes and co-op locally, Resident Evil 6 brings a lot of content to the Switch that is easy and quick to use, enjoyable in short sessions and suitable for a playful approach without too much thought or commitment. Whether it is good or not, we leave it to your tastes; it certainly wasn't due to the maturation of the franchise, faced with a sort of frozen winter and therefore at risk of extinction of credibility. The Switch version carries with it doubts and merits, certainly highlighting the element of comfort in the fruition mixed with a certain relaxation in the progress, free from particular puzzles and heavily entrusted to the swirling pressure of keys. What helps, if nothing else, to give purpose to this collection of linked stories is the particularity of each campaign: sure, Leon and To give they can boast, from time to time, some return to old habits, while Chris and Jake suffer largely from identity crisis, but overall it cannot be said that the title does not provide ideas for diversifying their offer. Whether they succeeded or not is a different kettle of fish, but I applaud the effort. It should also be added that Capcom itself, years later, publicly admitted that the game had suffered from a lack of overall vision, troubled development and a lack of collaboration within the team. In short, a few not exactly positive ingredients that, seen today, take on a greater weight than in the past but which, fortunately, have been - at least technically - a little blunted by objectively better releases than the original ones.

Su Switch

If on fixed consoles the DLCs and the increase in resolution and frames help, on the Switch - lacking substantial technical improvements - it is portability and offline co-op to give greater satisfaction. Experience this journey by relying on the artificial intelligence of the partner it is sometimes a forced experience, but facing it by playing in the company of a sentient person gives the software an aura of further interest, making its simplified dynamics a nice gift to anyone looking for a Resident Evil to play together. What about the rest? It works quite well: in the most agitated scenes, the console struggles to keep the flow at 30 frames per second, somehow controlling those situations in which you go further out of the perimeter without ever dropping too much in frequency. On a technical level, the software defends itself and on a small screen it is still pleasant to see; not exactly the same on the TV in the living room, accomplices texture absolutely perfectible, imperfect animations and a polygonal size old of a generation, to which is added a visual distance of yesteryear.

The videos, on the other hand, are still enjoyable: the dubbing was not stellar at the time and it is not today, but it allows even the little English speakers to enjoy a Resident Evil completely in Spanish. We did some racing both in portable and docked mode and, although relegated to a 6,2-inch screen, perhaps we prefer the former, precisely because of its ability to enhance a playful flow on the move that more than other episodes is very lighthearted and full of shootings, perfect for hit and run experiences, also thanks to a more pleasant technical aspect on the small screen. Co-op, on the other hand, we advise you to experience it in the living room unless you want to go blind. Last mention of merit, the inclusion of the motion control of the joycons to improve the game on the street.


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With Resident Evil 6, Switch can now boast of having almost every numbered episode in the franchise. This, however, remains the weakest by concept: you pass the amount of campaigns and modes, but Capcom has voluntarily chosen to create a soup of styles, approaches, mechanics all oriented to embrace an action vein that if already at the time seemed out of context. , today it smells really old. The co-op mode works with friends, but if entrusted to artificial intelligence it often seems forced, unnatural, inserted as a legacy of the 5 but also the daughter of a clear absence of vision, given that couples are complex to digest at the level of setting and seem almost only a pretext. The Switch version takes everything and takes it on the move, perhaps managing to at least grasp the merit of reducing its defects and enhancing the approach of those who want to get closer to enjoy a blockbuster action in Spanish, certainly perfectible, but still capable of entertaining thanks to his often shooter situations.


  • It remains a title rich in content
  • Good portable action
  • Co-op in mobility ...
  • ... but uncomfortable on a small screen
  • Technique and frames not up to the Switch
  • € 30 is not cheap
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