Remember Me Collectibles Guide [360-PS3-PC]

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Remember Me Collectibles Guide [360-PS3-PC]


Usual summary guide for those who want to find all the Remember Me collectibles. To take a bath of pride and also to unlock different Achievements / Trophies you will have to find all the Notes Mnesist, the SAT Patches, Focus Boost and Scaramech scattered throughout the 8 Chapters of the mode Game history.

Recalling that the guide to unlock all the objectives / trophies of the game is also available (in the Remember Me tricks and guides tab you will find everything), here are the links to the detailed guides to collect all the Remember Me collectibles:


  • Scaramech Guide [Disinfestation]
  • SAT Patch Guide [Patches for everyone]
  • Focus Boost Guide
  • Guide notes Mnesist [It's all in the details]


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